Nutritious Diet

The word nutrition is straight away associated to ‘unpalatable’ and ‘less tasty’ food. But, it infrequently has to be that way. We work without a break to run after that bonus or promotion, pursue deadlines and meet figures. Towards the end of a hard day, enticing food look like a little satisfaction, considered well deserved. Agreed that flavor is at all times very important; however a meal should be:

•    Protective,
•    Energy giving, and
•    Body building.

Let’s see now how you can pack these 3 kinds of food on your plate every day.

Protective foods

This set of foods includes minerals and vitamins for immune linked functions of the body. It deals through regulation and protection of many life cycles in the body.  A large amount of vegetables (excluding starchy tubers and roots) and fruits come under this grouping. Orange and deep yellow color veggies and fruits, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables are an excellent resource of calcium, vitamin C, iron, b-carotene, and dietary fiber.

Energy giving food

This cluster includes of foods rich in carbohydrate such as sugar and fats like nuts and oil seeds, tubers and roots, and cereals and cereal products. This collection gives highest amount of energy for everyday activities and actions. Cereals, in addition of imparting energy also expend minerals, protein, and B-group vitamins. The fats put in to the caloric value and deliciousness of the meal.

Body building foods

This grouping comprises of foods rich in protein. They can either be from animal or plant source. The former eggs, fish, meat, poultry, milk and milk products. They give top quality of protein as well as all vital amino acids. It is perfect for the body owing to its high organic value. The latter includes legumes, pulses, oilseeds, and nuts. They have average quality of protein. The consumption of this kind of protein is inferior as they lack sulphur containing amino acid.

This grouping in addition provides minerals, vitamin A, B groups and energy.

Now you can prepare a nutritious and healthy food by means of appropriate selection and addition of certain foods from every grouping.  Therefore if you plan a day of feast, sometime furnish to taste all along with including the elementary foods.