Perfect Meal Plans

Everybody seems to wish to lose body weight these days, especially women. In fact, losing weight seems to be their main agenda. So to ease things out, here are some of the most effective and recommended diet plans that can help a woman lose weight body weight and extra fat in no time so as to tone down her body.

First meal plan says that you have to take 1 bowl of sprouts plus some dry figs in the breakfast. For the lunch, take 2 cups of wheat noodles and some chicken or tofu. Add on some fry vegetables if you wish.

Then for the mid afternoon, take a glass of thin buttermilk with some almonds. Finally for the dinner, take one cup of cereals, a cup of boiled vegetables and a glass of thin vegetables. So, in case you wish to lose body weight in a healthy way, follow this for about 10 days and see the difference
Then according to the second meal plan, take a plate of pineapple with some almonds. Plus some sprouts are must have for a proper protein supply. Then for the lunch, take a cup of curd with some salad and a small banana. For the mid afternoon, take 2 guavas with some coconut water.

This brings ultimate relief and energy to the body. For the dinner, take 2 garlic bread with a bowl of broccoli soup and some roasted chicken. Try to keep the food non oily but if you wish to use oil, use only olive oil.

Third and the last meal plan is to have 1 egg white omelets, 2 slices of bran bread and a glass of orange fruit juice. Then for the lunch, 2 cups of pulse salad with a cup of yoghurt is good and light. Then in the mid afternoon, take a peach and few raisins.

Finally for the dinner, bowl of mushroom soup with some tomato juice is recommended. Besides these great meal plans, you must be dedicated enough to follow them. Drink loads of water but not in between the meals. Keep the meal gap less than 4 hours to have maximum ben