Pregnancy Workouts

Exercising for the period of pregnancy not only alleviates stress, but also makes childbirth easier.


As and when you get ready for motherhood, you need yoga to cool your mind and feelings, and build the correct atmosphere for your child’s development. You can also opt for breathing methods during labor to alleviate the pain.


Walking is an ideal exercise for pregnancy period. You can start with a 20 minute walk on every alternating day. Gradually elevate to 30-40 minutes on a daily basis. If you experience wooziness or dizziness, you should stop walking at once in order to avoid adverse effect. If you detect any bleeding or spotting, consult your doctor without further ado.

Kegel Exercises

These workouts make the pelvic muscles stronger that hold up the bladder, uterus and bowel. These exercises are in particularly suggested to women who are pregnant, to train their body for later stages of pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, it also lowers the probability of tears occurring during labor pain. This exercise makes the pushing of the baby easier during birth.


Swimming is perhaps the excellent exercise. It makes stronger more or less every muscle in the body without straining it in excess. It is advisable to swim for 25-40 minutes with small intervals. Start with the snail’s pace and do not thrust yourself.

Things to keep in mind

Make certain that you put on comfortable clothes. Stay away from workouts that call for stretching down for the reason that this prevents blood flow to the baby.

Slowly and steadily, start with the workouts. If you are not an habitual exerciser, start with a 10 minutes workout session a day and gradually increase the session to 30 minutes. You can even exercise on alternate days.

Seek advice from your doctor prior to start with any exercise during pregnancy. Keep in mind, your endeavor is to stay fit and not to lose weight.As the pregnancy advances, trim down the intensity level. In the last trimester, steer clear of ballistic movements for instance, running or jumping.

Stay away from exercising at great height or else in humid and hot surroundings.