Problems Related to Superfast Weight Loss

wLosing weight to get in shape is the best thing that can happen to a person who is on the bulkier side. It has a number of benefits from making the daily life easier to reducing chances of  heart diseases and remaining fit on the whole. But this weight loss must follow a pattern and should not be a drastic step where you want to lose your weight within ten days and get into the beach wear that you bought last summer. That can cause problems that are injurious to health. In fact, it has been seen that people fail to lose weight because they tend to do it too fast and then lose steam or fall victim to something else.

There is something to note about weight loss. If you find that you are losing weight very fast, there is nothing to cheer because it is not fat but the water weight of the body. Losing water fast can cause dehydration. This means that you will have to supply your body adequate fluid to keep it fit. Rapid dehydration can be followed by rapid gain in weight and then all your efforts go in vain. Also the level of potassium and sodium in your body may fall.

Sometimes people try out the various detox diets which can sometimes cause diarrhea and if it results in dehydration then the result will be constipation.  Not only this, if you lose weight rapidly, there is every chance that you will suffer bouts of fatigue and lack of stamina. Moreover, if you try to restrict your diet by not eating properly, you might lose out on the essential nutrients. That loss is reflected in your appearance. The skin loses its glow, the complexion can become lifeless and your hair will lose its shine.

Drastically cutting down on diet can lead to muscle loss. Remember, while reducing weight, lose fat and not muscle. Losing muscle may decrease the rate of metabolism. More muscles mean more of metabolism at rest and that means your body will keep on losing calorie even if you are at rest. Excessive loss of nutrition can trigger the body to slow down the metabolic process.

People often start binging after some days of dieting. This causes gain in weight and eventually the drastic, instant weight loss proves futile. So, be slow and steady in weight loss for lasting effect.