Qi Gong: An Introduction

Qigong, (pronounced chee-gung, gung as in lung), is a powerful and effective Chinese system of healing and energy medicine whose recorded evidence tells that it is more than 2500 years old. Originally called Yang Shen which meant nurturing life and uses various breathing techniques, fluid, gentle movements and meditation to cleanse the body, strengthen it and finally circulate ‘qi’ or ‘chi’, the life energy all over the body.

The objective of practicing Qigong, sometimes also called Chi’Kung, is to improve vitality, health and promote a tranquil mind.

Qigong has its application in various fields. But the most prominent areas of application are for healing, both externally and internally, sports and spiritualism. The healing system of Qigong is known as Yi Gong, meaning medical qigong. It is more of preventive and self-healing action. It teaches us to control our reactions to stress and overcome anxiety, frustration and therefore, naturally eliminating the chances of hypertension and other diseases.

For external healing, qigong uses exercises and meditation techniques to increase sensitivity to energy fields. The beauty of the technique is that it is a non-contact treatment and also can be carried out simultaneously with various other treatments like massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc. for sports, qigong is used for increasing strength, stamina, speed, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and resistance to injuries. Finally, it can be used to achieve peace of mind as it can induce tranquility, promote self-awareness and also build up a harmony with nature. On the whole, qigong increases confidence, physical and emotional control.

There is no restriction on who can use qigong for wellness. Everybody from an old person to a kid can do it since its movements are dynamic and gentle at the same time. The routines can be even designed in suit the people according to their requirement and is very effective when used during recovery from a major illness or injury.

Research and studies have shown that qigong helps to improve posture, respiration, induce favorable response in blood chemistry and also increase self awareness and concentration. The ailments or disorders which can benefit directly are asthma, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, fatigue, headaches, pain, fibromyalgia and other varieties of common illnesses.