Reduce Abdominal Fat By Free Hand Exercises

Increasing abdominal fat is a common phenomenon among people all around the world. The shape of the body is damaged due to increasing abdominal fat. The people who have this type of fat are not able to wear fashionable dresses. Someone times they suffer from inferiority complex.

That is why they loose their self confidence due to their odd body shape. We have also seen that various type of physical disorder occurs due to increase in abdominal fat. So it is most important to keep the tummy under control or try to reduce the abdominal fat. It is only possible to control tummy or reduce stomach fat by the use of some free hand exercises.

Abdominal crunch

Abdominal crunch is one such exercise carried out to burn out the stomach fat. It is one of the most effective and easy exercises to get best results in a very short time. You might feel difficulty to do this exercise at the beginning. But after few days you will find it very easy. You may also get results hand to hand within a month. Most of the physical instructors recommend this exercise for reducing abdominal fat. No equipments are required for doing this exercise. It is not required to go to gym for this exercise and you can do this exercise in your home.

The procedure of abdominal crunch

Generally two types of abdominal crunch are the most popular. First is the “front bend” abdominal crunch and second is “back bend” abdominal crunch.

Front bend abdominal crunch

The process of this exercise is simple. Lie down flat on the floor and your head facing towards the roof. Now bend your knees with feet on the floor, touching your hip. Hold your hand together and place them at the back of your head. Take a deep breath before starting the exercise. Now lifting up your head and chest a bit against the gravity, try to touch the knees with your forehead. When you lift your head you must try to maintain your hand straight, so that your hands and the back portion of your head lie in same line.

After this you move down slowly. At the time of downward movement you must release breathe. You also try to maintain slower downward movement than the lifting up movement. Repeat the above mentioned steps minimum 10 times in a single set. Then take some rest. Normally three sets are required for getting best result. You can increase your exercise time also day by day.

Back bend abdominal crunch

Back bend abdominal crunch is much tougher than front bend crunch.

The procedure of back bend abdominal crunch

First, you have to lie down flat on the ground. Front side of you body will be attached to the floor.  Place your hands on the back side of your head and hold it tightly. You must try to keep your hands in a straight line. After this, try to lift the chest and head towards the upward direction while simultaneously pushing the lower back flat onto the floor.  When you crunch up your upper body towards the upward direction, you will feel much more stress on you abdominal part. Reaching the maximum top position hold it for a moment and then come down.

You can do this exercise ten times also in a single set. Normally three sets are done with proper time intervals between each set. 15 minutes of this two works out in a day is a very effective solution for the abdominal fat reduction.

Stomach twist

Stomach twisting is another most effective exercise for reducing abdominal fat. It is also quite a simple exercise.

Process of stomach twisting exercise

Firstly, stand on a flat surface with legs kept closer like “attention position”. Hand should be stretched in front, almost parallel to your eye level. Now keep your eyes fixed at your hand. The hands should be moved towards left side of the body along with your eyes. You can move your hand as far as you can. The position of your legs should be straight and not move in any direction. The upper part of the body must twist as much as you can. After reaching the maximum twisting position of the upper part of your body, hold it for about a second and come back to the original position.

Then you must follow the same procedure in the direction of the right side too. If you do this exercise for twelve times on each side the body, it will create enough strain on the stomach fat, which can help to reduce nearly one inch of the flab within a span of three weeks. At the time of this exercise you must try to breathe slowly. It is most important. This type of slow breathing will give more strains to the belly region, which is very helpful for burning fat.

Belly resting

Belly resting is another exercise by which you can get a good result within a few weeks. It works at the abdominal region only.

Process of belly resting exercise

You should lie on the flat ground and inhale fresh air as much as possible. Now slowly lift your arms and your legs along with upper part of your body from the ground. In the time of lifting, your arms and legs should be straight and maintain the average height. The position is basically like a slightly half curve. This position should be held for at least one minute. After that you must take rest for one minute by lying on the ground.

Continue this process for minimum ten times at a time. You may also gradually increase the timing for getting best results.
This exercise creates a huge pressure on your stomach region directly as the whole body weight along with the gravitational force puts pressure on the stomach region and burns your abdominal fat. Hence, it can be concluded that you can easily reduce you abdominal fat by the using above three exercises.

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