Running For Complete Healthy Body

Probably running is one exercise that all of us relate very easily. It is something that comes quite naturally to everyone, except to the unfortunately disabled. Have you ever participated in a running race or have seen your favorite sportsman take a round of the field for warming up?

If yes, you know the value of running. It is a simple yet complete exercise that has been a part every game coaching, school events, national and international marathons. You don’t have to know anything for doing it, just the will power to start up.

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A healthy body is like an asset, with time it only appreciates. Take care of your body from your twenties and you will thank yourself for years to come. Complete your lifestyle with a right diet plan and top it up with the right exercise regimen; your life will go much smoother.

Essentials Things To Know About Running:

Like any exercise form, there has to be a proper rhythm in your running process. While you can do quite as a fun activity or include it in your sports arena, doing it as an exercise might need more knowledge. You need to have a guide to help you reap the best rewards.

Get Your Plan Ready:

Sounds strange, but you need to know what running or any exercise regimen is supposed to do to your body. Are you just a fitness freak? Or you want lose weight? Or you don’t have right working hours for your gym? Whatever may be your reason, running is always helpful. Set up a goal that you want to lose some pounds or run for a particular period of time or an inner resolution to stick to your schedule.

Start With Walking:

Overweight people often find running a very difficult task due to their unhealthy life pattern which results in accumulated fat. Walking is junior of running and works perfectly for almost everyone. In fact old aged people in their sixties should walk rather than run. This is because the flow of oxygen in your body through walking is much more stabilized than that of running. Brisk walking is the best way to reduce the body stiffness before you start running.

Running for Life:

You cannot start your running regime planning for 2 hours a day at the initial stage. As stated above, start with walking and then include fifteen minutes of jogging and ten minutes of fast running. Those who do not work out regularly might have initial muscle pains in the legs but that is temporary. You need to have the focus straight and then increase the time you spend in each part. After a few weeks, you can just run for say about an hour.

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Be Comfortable:

You cannot run wearing a jeans or tight fitted pants. Buy yourself a good pair of sports shorts or long trousers (in case of winters) along with good shoes. Remember more than your T-shirt, it is your shoes that matters.

Your running shoes are supposed to give you the right grip on the ground, creating right postures in the movements while you are running. Branded sports or running shoes are the best investments as they are made with research and have a popular background.

Keep Challenging Yourself:

Running should be done in a way like you are competing everyday with your last record.  Depending on your age, you can run for speed, time or resistance. Your running time and speed is like a barometer to check how good your body is doing. Try making new records and stick to your plans incorporating changes wherever required.

There are many aspects of running that taken be taken on its advantage side. Firstly, this is all time exercise. Wherever you go or travel, you can always find your ways to adhere to your running schedule. It is an equipment free exercise which can be done anywhere, with or without a joggers or runner’s track.

Health Benefits:

Running gets all parts of your body in movement, thus it is a wholesome effort. People who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes or blood pressure problems must always use running as an integral part of life. It also helps in reducing bone and joint related pains. Running is an effective way to lose weight in the lower portion of the body. Your hips and thighs will be better shaped and muscles will get stronger.

The body metabolism is improved and there is better digestion of food. Running also helps in getting rid of hypertension and osteoporosis, making bones stronger. You will notice that you will have better energy levels all through the day and be much more confident about your body and appearance.

The Essential Don’ts of Running:

Running like any exercise must be done with a few precautions. Do not overdo running on the start as you might face severe muscle pain. Secondly, little pain is quite justifiable but in case you get any serious injury, consults a doctor at the earliest.

Do not compromise on the running shoes and buy the best option in your budget. This will reduce the chances of sprains and injuries. Go step by step but do not rush your workout. Take expert help if needed and combine your regimen with some cardio and stretches for better weight loss. You should not eat anything heavy before you run and avoid taking too much water in between your run.

However diabetic people can take few sips.  After you finish your running regimen, ensure you complete it with light walking. Meditation can also be done many times a week for better mental development and peace. Women should avoid running when they are in their first three days of period cycle.
Still not motivated enough to run?

If you have a dog at home, take him on leash and just go out. Your pet will be the one to guide you to run carefree. Running for any reason will never fail you and with time you will start appreciating your body.