Salad Diet For The Perfect Body

When I think of salad diet, the first thing comes in my mind is- am I ill or am I suffering from anything severe? No, in today’s world we have very less time to take care of our body and if somebody want to get perfect body he /she has to follow a regular regime.

Many people go to gym; many prefer to do yoga daily- both are good things to maintain a body. But time is a factor and may be place is also a factor .And even if many offices, there are provisions to do yoga or it is having gym but finding out the time and do it daily may become tough.

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So, you must be thinking what is the thing that we can follow everyday and will be easy to carry it or follow? A good diet-to start a salad diet will be an effective idea. It’s a wrong idea that salad diet means you have to starve for the whole day and can eat only boring food .

Salads can be made deliciously by putting salad toppings and also look great. It will do well to your eyes because looking green is good for your eyes. The only thing you need to take care of is fruits or vegetables you are using for salad should be fresh. Need to give a visit to grocery shop in alternative days so that you can arrange for fresh salad meal.

How salad will help in keeping the body perfect?

Why so many physician or specialist suggests taking salad diet because salad diet is low in calorie. Daily intake of salad diet helps in loosing in your weight. It’s a tough job to continue eating these foods but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a sip of your favorite drink or favorite chocolates or burger. Occasionally you can enjoy these items in your menu.

There are few items which you can take but assure whether it’s of low calorie or not:

Candies or chocolates

No need to say no to candies or chocolates. It may be painful to you to say no to sweets. Once in a week you can take a bite of candies or chocolates but it will be better if you check in or go for fewer calories.

Meat: Many people include meat in their lunch or dinner but it is high in calories and has fat. Instead of using beef as filler in your burger, which is of high calorie, can use turkey, which is low in calorie and rich in protein.

Fruit juice: It is a nice substitute for carbonated drinks. Mango juice will not help you to loose your weight but it is healthy or sugar free drinks will serve the purpose. Lemon juice will be effective in toning your body.

Bread: To loose weight, the food which is rich in carbohydrate and fat should be avoided. Keep a slice of whole-grain bread, which is of low calorie, for your breakfast menu along with juice or salad.Fried foods should be avoided . Bake the food like potato .Hope it will not taste bad!

Main motif of salad diet is to keep you fit and healthy as well as give you the nutrition required the body to carry out daily activities.Eating lots of green vegetables rather than fattening foods will keep you perfect.

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Types of salad

I am listing few salad items which you can take and will provide you the nutrition and you can add few flavors or toppings in it. So that it tastes good and make you happy. But you are sacrificing a hamburger and taking salad in your lunch will only effect it is of low calorie . If you put in high calorie dressings or crèmes it will be of no use. So for that the best suggestion is better go for the hamburger.

Fruit salad is the best option for those who are planning to keep their body perfect and never experienced eating only salad diet. I can assure you if you are starting with fruit salad diet you can stick to your regime and in case you are fed up with fruit salad try whole grain bread or corns or nuts. It will give you instant energy.

Beet and orange salad, white bean and tomato salad, Spinach pasta salad, use strawberry and lemon for dressing spinach salad ,Vegetable salad, grilled vegetable salad, Cucumber salad, fruit salad, broccoli salad, spicy golden slaw, Roasted red pepper and potato salad, creamy coleslaw.

Easy Salad diet recipes.

For more delicious and nutritious salad use different lettuce and green leaves like fresh spinach leaves and veggies. Recipe of creamy coleslaw:Take fat free miracle whip and sugar together and whisk it, blend into shredded cabbage and shredded carrot and freeze it.

Keep your body fit and healthy.

Now there few things, apart from salad diet and choosing the nutritious vegetable or fruit or greens in your meal, are timely intake of your food, like maintaining the gap of 3-4 hrs. Water is very important in maintaining the balance of your body.

Not only drink water when you feel thirsty but also drink 6 average sized glasses of water so that you don’t get dehydrated. In many juicy fruits a few percent of that fruit consists of water so take juicy fruits along with other fruits and vegetables.

One more vital thing I just want to let you know stick to the regular routine, eat fresh food, avoid junk food, keep yourself stress free and quit the habit of smoking and drinking. Alcohols contain high calorie. May be it is not possible for people those who attend parties to skip drinks. So try to take soft drink if possible.

It depends on your dedication how you carry your rules. Because its not possible to dream of perfect body and you will not leave anything or better say you will not experience any pain for that. Hope salad diet will not distress you and enjoy healthy lifestyle. As we all know prevention is better than cure, hence its time to apply it.