Self Massage to Improve Blood Circulation

A massage is also a form of exercise. It loosens up your muscles and joints and also improves the blood circulation. You can do a massage by yourself by just sitting at home. You can also do this type of massage when you go for your evening or morning walk.First take a handful of your hair and pull it and feel the pull on your scalp. Do this with your entire hair. Next clench your fists and using your knuckles gently pound all over your head. You do not need to apply any pressure while doing this.

Now do the same on your shoulders as well and feel them loosening up. Do not clench your fists too tightly; keep it loose. Once you are done with your shoulders, repeat it all over your arms.

Now sit on the ground so that your buttocks are on your ankles and with the same rhythmic motion pound your buttocks and lower back as well. Spread your thighs a bit and work the same way on your thighs. You can apply a bit more force as there is a lot more flesh in these areas.

These self massage techniques can be done even while you are walking. Simply pound all the areas of you body with your fists while you are walking. This way you are actually getting a better workout. You can actually pound all the parts of your body that you can reach. this will also improve your skin as it improves blood circulation to all parts of your body.

It should feel like you are rhythmically drumming your body and you will actually feel good about it. You will find yourself getting more flexible day by day.

Before ending your walk or massage sit down and keep your fists close together below your chin. Gently pretend that you are trying to stretch a rubber band that is tied around your fingers and feel a stretch on your palms. This is a type of a cool down of your massage. This form of self massage is most effective in the morning.