Simple Medicine Ball Exercises

A medicine ball resembles a soccer ball. It is primarily used by the boxers to augment their fitness levels. The exercises done with the medicine balls give superior exercise to the core.

Boxers can handle the punches coming their way or lean back sharply to avoid one. This round object is extremely helpful in burning your calories and the extra fat.

Medicine Ball Exercises

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Here Are Some Simple Medicine Ball Exercises

Pushup with the Medicine Ball

Medicine ball pushups are done in the same way as you would do normal pushups. The difference is that you grasp the ball with one hand, while the other hand rests on the floor.

Once you get this position, execute pushups you normally would have done. After doing some of them, swap your arms. Do the same with your other arm. This way, it will give a nice workout to both your arms.

Draw The Figure of Eight

Hold the medicine ball with both hands with your arms stretched to the left. Now move your hand towards your right thigh and raise your hands up to the ear level.

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Draw The Figure of Eight

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From there move towards your left thigh and come back to the starting point. After you reach the original position, you have completed an imaginary figure of eight in the air. While doing all these movements, make sure that your ab muscles are tight as well as tucked in all the time.

The Russian Twist

The Russian twist is one of the popular medicine ball exercises. Hold the ball at your waist level. Keeping the same level, move to the left as much as you can. You may need to twist your feet to get into the motion.

Wait in the same posture for a few moments before coming to the original position. Now turn to your right side, the way you did while turning to your left. Repeat the left and right twists for 10 to 12 times.

Throwing Pushups with the Medicine Ball

The throwing pushups are a bit different from the normal pushups you do with the medicine ball. Start the throwing pushups with your knees touching the ground while the medicine ball is at your chest height.

Throwing Pushups with the Medicine Ball

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Throw the ball to your front and until it comes back to one pushup quickly and come back to the original posture. To make the ball come back throw it against the wall or your partner can help you in this.

The Medicine Ball Squat

In this exercise, you have to hold the medicine ball at your arm’s-length all the way through. When you hold the ball with your arms outstretched, you are ready to go. Bend in your knees to form a 90-degree angle and squat.

Slowly and steadily come back to the starting position. If you feel this is too easy to do and you do not feel the heat of the exercise, hold the ball near your chest and push it above your head when you squat. The variation in your hand postures will put more workouts into effect.

Rekha Samavedula