Simple Stress Busting Exercises Tips

Most people are of the notion that exercise can be tiresome and wearisome, however, the fact is that exercise can actually help relieve stress and give you an enhanced quality of life.Regular work out should be a part of your everyday life to help you combat and endure high stress levels.

Here Are Some Simple Exercises That Help Relieve Stress

Side Bends

Grasp a 1 kg dumbbell in the right hand and stand erect. Stretch your left arm over your head and bow to the right side. Reiterate the process on the other side. This exercise relaxes muscles and helps in reducing stress.


Stand erect with hands stretched sideways. Gently twist the torso to the left, seize the pose for a few seconds and repeat on the other side. For the shoulder stretch, clasp your fingers behind your back and repeat the exercise on the other side. The shoulders bear the maximum stress and this work out helps in reliving a large extent of the stress.


Stand erect, bring one leg forward and kneel on the back leg. Straighten, come back to normal position and replicate for the other leg. Not only is this exercising a good way to de-stress but it also helps in toning the thigh muscles.

Wide Squat

Stand with feet apart and turn your toes outwards. Keep heels flat and stand erect. Lower your body and squat down as far as possible, keeping knees in line with toes. Return to stand position and repeat on the other side.

Side Leg Raise

Stand raise. Balance and grasp the back of a chair to the right of the body. Slowly lift the left leg as high as you can. Lower and reiterate for the next leg. This relaxes the muscles for the entire body and aids in de-stressing.

Twisting Curls

Lie with your back to the floor and your hands at the rear your head. Bring your heels up close to your butt. Curl the trunk to a contracted position and rock back and forth at the waist. This exercise helps toning the abs and the stomach.

For The Spine

Lie on your belly with palms in line with the middle of your chest on the side and toes on the floor. Slowly lift your forehead and chest away from the floor. Lift the middle of your breast bone and keep your chest forward.

Lower your torso gently and repeat 8 to 10 times. This exercise helps prevent and relieve stress and tension in the muscles and back and improves energy levels.

Side Bridges

Lie on a mat with legs stretched straight, turn sideways, hold your body up with one arm bent and parallel to the floor. Keep abs tight for 20 seconds and return to normal position. Repeat the process on the other side.

Carefully formulated exercise regime helps improving the metabolism of the body, improves stamina, delays ageing, and improves respiratory functions. Regular exercise combine with a healthy diet decreases stress levels and improves strength and agility of the body.