Simple Stress Relief Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Stress can have great impact on your life. It can raise your blood pressure, result in headaches, damage your heart muscles, and can even land you in the emergency wards of hospitals. So beware of stress in your life and deal with it efficiently. Exercise can be an effective way to help you in getting rid of stress.

Some exercises may necessitate attending a gym or a health club but there are also some simple stress relieving exercises that can be done almost anywhere. Some simple stress relief exercises you can do anywhere are given below.

Progressive muscle relaxation techniques, also known as PMR is an easy exercise that can be done anywhere to get relief from stress. The only thing it requires is that you should be willing to perform it. PMR involves tightening of muscles and then releasing them.

You should begin this procedure from your face and then follow it on each section of your body i.e. your neck, shoulders, abdomen, hips, hands and legs. You can practice PMR before going to bed to get better sleep or at work place.

Many things can make you frustrated and stressful. When you are in stress, your muscles get tense and tight, which affects your normal blood flow. You can alleviate these after effects of stress and make yourself feel good by squeezing a squeeze ball. You can easily get these squeeze balls from the market and practice squeezing whenever you are stressed or frustrated. You will feel relaxed.

Another simple but very effective stress relief exercise includes deep breathing. You can do this practically everywhere and reap its several benefits. Today an individual’s life has become so fast and busy that he/she sometimes even forgets to breathe normally.

Shallow breathing can result in restlessness and low energy. Hence, you should take deep breath for at least 5 minutes every hour. This will supply plenty of oxygen to your brain and make you feel refreshing and relaxed too! And eventually your stress level will go down.

You should try to lead a stress free life. This will keep your heart and heart muscles healthy and strong. Stress free mind will let you make sensible and good decisions. So practice these simple stress relief exercises daily to keep your stress level under control.

Geeta Kumari