Slimming Tea: Pros And Cons

Slimming Tea is the latest fixation of the weight loss market. Men and women, regardless of their age are drinking slimming teas in an effort to lose weight. You can read the successful weight loss stories of these people on internet and in magazines.

This is the reason slimming teas are also called diet teas.Slimming teas are packed with natural herbs that are laxative in nature. As a result the herbs help monitor healthy and regular bowel movements. Regularized bowel movement indicates that the toxins are being flushed out from the body daily. This detoxification makes the body healthy.

Many of the herbs used in some of the slimming teas have been known to mankind since ancient times. These herbs were used to help the body digest better and avoid constipation. Some natural laxatives that are commonly used in the composition of slimming teas are root of rhubarb, aloe vera, castor oil, buckthorn, cascara and senna.

Another commonly found ingredient in the slimming teas is polyphenol. This ingredient has a chemical composition and does not let the body absorb fat. Polyphenol is also known to fight cancer causing cells. Fluoride is also found in slimming teas. It is commonly known to help avoid tooth decay. Slimming teas can be safely consumed as they are also known to be packed with ingredients that help fight various infections.

It is a misconception propagated by the weight loss market that slimming teas help burn fat. The truth is that these herbal teas help the body increase its metabolic rate. A high rate of metabolism results in faster burning of calories by the body. Hence slimming teas are seen as a good option for people who find it difficult to incorporate regular workout in their daily routine.

However, slimming teas do not come without a side effect. They should not be consumed for a long period of time. The herbs present in the teas are laxatives and their prolonged consumption can lead to diarrhea which can even be life threatening. In fact some people do end up severely dehydrated on the slimming tea diet.

Anorexics are known to make themselves ill by substituting regular meals with slimming teas. In many cases this has proved to be fatal.Consult a physician before beginning weight loss programme with slimming teas. Slimming teas should never be taken singularly for weight loss; they should always be combined with healthy diet and regular exercise.