Snoring: Causes and Remedies

Who does not snore? Even a baby may snore. But when snoring crosses its limit it is regarded as a disease. Excessive snoring may create loud noise which affects the sleep of others. Causes of snoring can be many, on the other hand snoring can be a symptom of other diseases. So snoring should be treated in time and with care.

Snoring can be hereditary. People with narrow throat, closed nose and enlarged adenoids are more prone to snoring. With age the muscle of the throat looses softness and elasticity, becomes thicker and the space inside the throat becomes narrower. That is why people who may not snore at their young age, start snoring as soon as they get in the middle ages.

Snoring also depends on gender. Men snore more than the women. The cause is the biological design of the men’s air passage. They have narrower air passage in comparison to the women. Some diseases such as excessive cold, sinus, or asthma block the air passage and crease problem in inhalation. The result is snoring. Other causes of snoring are smoking, alcohol or medicinal imbalance in our body. Some times few postures while sleeping may cause snoring. If you sleep flat the muscle of the throat block the airway and causes snoring.

You may take few steps to stop snoring. Do not use sleeping pills to invoke sleep because those things relax the muscle and increase the chances of snoring. Keep the breathing passage of the nose clear. Practice yoga, especially pranayama. One process is very effective as cure of snoring. Take clean water through one nose and release the water through other nose.

Snoring due to structural problems can be helped by mechanical stop snoring devices. In these devices dental implants, medication, surgery or stop snoring exercise is used. There are few herbal medicines but people do not considered them to be very effective. In snoring problem the most effective medicine is exercise.

If you are an overweight person then reduce your weight because it can reduce or sometimes cure snoring. Avoid smoking as it increases nasal congestion and mucous in the throat area and we become bound to breathe through mouth. This mouth breathing should be stopped to cure snoring. Alcohol can cause relaxation in the soft tissues and muscle in the throat and result in snoring.