Some Free Hand And Stretching Exercises That Help In Gaining Height

bar hangingMany people thinks that it is not possible to increase height after certain ages. It is partially true but you may slightly increase your height through perfect and specific exercises. At the time of exercise, various type of human growth hormone is released from our body. This hormone strengthens the cartilage, muscles and tissue and stimulates them to increase in size as well as increase the density of our bone too.

In this way it will help you to increase you growth. But it totally depends on your body structure as to how much increase is proper for you. If you want to get the best result from it, you must do various type of stretching or high intensity exercises regularly. This will not only increase you height, it will also help you to develop your body balance too.

Forward bend

This exercise is called forward bend. Firstly stand in a straight position with you legs slightly open. Place you hands over your head in a straight position. Your palm must be in your front side. Then try to bend towards ground and touch the ground through your finger. At the time of bending you must remember one thing, that is, your knees should not bend. Then return back to starting position. Do the exercise perfectly at least ten times.

Spot jumping

Spot jumping is most easy and common exercise. Firstly stand on a flat ground. Stretch your both hands outside. Then try to stand on your toe and jump up as much possible as you can. At the time of jumping you must try to control your body balance. Do this exercise at least 2 minutes without any rest. Then take a small rest and repeat it again.

Bar hanging

Bar hanging exercise is most important exercise for increasing height. You need one bar which is fixed at least seven feet above the ground for this exercise. You must stand in a straight position just under the bar. Then grip the bar tightly with you palm by jump up. Then hang you body from the bar. At the time of hanging you must maintain you body straight and do not touch the ground with your feet. Then you should try to swing your body to and fro like a swing. At the time of swinging, you must try to maintain the back portion of your body straight. You can do this exercise 5 minutes in a set.

Back bending

Back bend exercise is another common exercise. Stand on a flat ground in a straight position. Place you hand over your head in a straight position and both the palms should touch each other during the process. Then try to bend your body slowly towards the back side and try to stretch your body as much possible as you can. Hold it for a few second in that position and then return back to first position. When you do this exercise you must try to maintain your hands in a straight position. Try to do this exercise minimum ten times in a set.

Along with these beneficial and simple free hand exercises, what remains very important in assisting height gain is stretching exercises, especially those who are dedicated to cast a pull on the body muscles that lead to an increase in height. The optimum benefits of these stretching exercises are achieved if one starts to follow them at an early age, specially the growing ages when the growth hormones inside the body are fully active.

Nevertheless, stretching exercises are beneficial in the later stages too when they tend to set these muscles in the body somewhat active and help in gaining a bit of height thou.

So some of the most prominent exercises are given here that can lead to stimulation in the muscles of your legs and arms mainly that lead to increase in height.

Stretching exercise one

This is one type of stretching exercise. Stand on a flat ground with a straight position. Place you hands on both sides of your body. Look straight. Then lift both your hands slowly at the chest level position. Now raise your both hands further over you head. At the time of lifting your hands you must maintain your hands in a straight position, without bending any of the elbows. Then lift your both heels slowly from the ground and try to stand on your toes and fingers of your feet, with the help of your body balance. Next, you must try to stretch your whole body as much as possible. Then return back to starting position. For getting best result you can to this exercise 10 times in a set.

Stretching exercise two

Stand in a straight position. Place your hands over your head in a straight position and both the palms should touch each other. Then bend one of your legs from your knee position towards the inner side of your body and place it against your inner thigh, such that a triangle is formed. Hold on to this position. Try to maintain your body balance with the help of only one leg. Stay for some time in this position. For doing this exercise you need perfect body balance which you will achieve with regular practice. You may do this exercise 10 times at a time.

Stretching exercise three

This exercise is very helpful for your lower back as well as increasing your height. Firstly you should begin it by lying down on a flat ground. Your front side must be upwards so that your stomach and your body are fully extended. Then stretch your arms straight out, in front of you with your palms toward the floor. Raise your left arm higher than your right arm. All this while, keep your legs straight and lift your right leg over the ground as much as possible you can. Try to hold on to the position for at least 5 seconds. Next, return back to the first position. Then you can carry on the same procedure with your alternate leg. You can do the whole process at least 10 times.

Stretching exercise four

This is a simple exercise. Lie flat on the ground so that your shoulder and arms are placed firmly on the floor. Bend your knees and draw your feet closer to your hip as much possible as you can. Next arch your back so that your pelvis is thrust upwards. Hold on to the position for at least ten seconds. Then return back to the starting position. You must do this exercise 10 times in the initial days, and then you can increase the timing gradually for getting the optimum results.

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