Some Good Crunchless Ab Exercises

Crunchless Ab ExercisesToday everyone wants s to get a good physique with enormous level of fitness and if we talk about building six pack abs, the foremost range of exercises or workouts comes in the mind, are crunches. But, the conventional perception about crunches is that they are not enjoyable and mainly work for the upper section of the rectus abdominus muscle.

Those who are interested in making six pack abs,they can opt for the Crunchless abs method, which similarly works as the crunches do.  To start the Crunchless abs system, you need to perform the exercises in various routines for lower abs, oblique and slanting abdominus.

Here Is The Accurate Schedule For The Abs Exercises

Lower Abs

When we start the exercise for the lower abs,there is a need of a ball and the exercise is named as the ball roll back. To begin the exercise, you need to seat on a solidity ball by expanding your legs and positioning the feet flat on the ground.

Then, sit straightly with crossing your arms over the chest. Now turn your knees and revolve the ball frontward as you gradually lean back, you have to take care that your knees should not bypass the ankles.  You can easily start this exercise with repeating the same 12 times.


If you are looking for a crunch-free workout for oblique abdominal muscles then dumbbell oblique lifts are excellent for you. You can start the workout by standing straight with your feet hip-width separately.

Crunchless Ab Exercises

Now, take dumbbells in the hands with your arms comfortable at the sides, bend to the right side by letting your right hand to trace down the side of your leg. Then, stand straightly and drag your muscles at the side of your waist with bending to the left. Now continue the exercise by switching the sides and perform 5 to 10 reps for each side.

Transverse Abdominus Muscle Exercise

To execute transverse abdominus muscle exercise you need a plank, which is an isometric abdominal exercise and aids in stabilizing your spine.  First, you have to lie down on your belly with placing legs in straight position and lift up on your forearms and toes.

Next step is,lift up your hips to shoulder height and flatten your backside, press your abs and stiffen your glutes. Then, stay in this position without moving for about 30 to 60 seconds.Perform this workout up to three sets.

Conclusion For Crunchless Ab Exercises

There Crunchless abs exercises help you in achieving the body of your dreams. The most important fact about Crunchless abs exercises, they all are not done on the floor.From some of them require the standing position and this permit for a multiplicity that people doing severely abdominal exercises do not frequently experience.

So, this variety during exercise is one of the modest rational aspects of a workout that can make it easier to perform. This type of variation in Crunchless abs workout makes it more tempting and beneficial.

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