Some Yoga Exercises That Cure Diseases

Among all the exercises, that we have grown up with hearing is that yoga is an alternative medicine that treats a lot of health ailments. Many of us often wonder how that can be possible. When medicines fail to treat certain diseases, how can yoga cure them? Is there any logic behind it? Or it is simply an over statement?

yoga exercise to cure diseases

But the reality lies elsewhere. This form of exercise, which is referred to as yoga, originated from the oriental countries in the ancient times. After it proved miracle in curing many severe ailments, it has crept out of the Oriental boundaries and has spread all over the world.

Today, even doctors advice to include yoga as a part of the daily regime, to ward off many chronic diseases that harm peoples’ health. Physiotherapists too, include yoga as part of their treatment planning to heal many diseases.

How does yoga work

Yoga is an exercise that emphasizes on body and mind coordination. It lays stress on various postures and poses that stimulate the glands or act upon the organs, joints and muscles of human body that is not functioning properly. Regular yoga practice will further stimulate such organs and improve their flexibility and mobility and function. Finally, the disease gets cured by regular yoga practice.

Precautions about yoga exercises

But a note of caution is that yoga should be practiced initially under the skilled guidance of professional expert. Any wrong posture or any negative alteration in the breathing process can be detrimental to the person doing it. Instead of bringing about positive effects, that will cause harm to the body mechanism.

Yoga exercises that cure diseases

Now, we will discuss some of the yoga exercises that cure health ailments and improve physical conditions.

Diabetes cure through ‘Mandukasana’


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Manduk’ is Sanskrit means the frog. This posture resembles as that of a frog. It shows extremely effective results in diabetes if followed on a regular basis.

Technique of the asana

Sit on the ground with spinal cord straight and your head erect. Keep your legs straight and stretched in front of you. Now slowly fold your legs one by one and bring them closer to your body. Your legs should be such that they are places one over the other and the knees on either side of the body. Each of your palms should be folded into a fist. Now press your left fist tightly over your navel portion and put slight pressure. Put your left fist over your left fist. Next, put further pressure on the navel area with both of your fists.

Keep your hands steady in that position and lean forward in such a way that your body falls over your palms. This will be exerting further stress on your abdominal area. Put the body at a gap of six inches above the ground and look forward. Keep your shoulders straight. Maintain the pose for 10 to 15 seconds and then gradually release to return back to the previous position.

Breathing pattern

While you lower down your body, you must breathe out. All the while you maintain the pose your breathing pattern will be back to normal and while you rise up again and release the posture you must breathe in.

Chronic acidity cure through ‘Janushirasana’


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Janu’ in Sanskrit is thigh while ‘shira’ means head. Thus as the name suggests it involves the thigh and the head. It is a wonder remedy for those who are suffering from chronic acidity for a long time.

Technique of the asana

Sit down straight on a flat surface on the ground. Keep your head and spine straight. Put your legs straight and spread out in front of you. Your hands must rest on the either side of your body. Begin the exercise by bending your left leg first. Fold your left leg from your knees and bring it closer to your left leg. Your left knee should focus outside your body while your foot will be locked against your right groin. Your right leg will remain as it was, stretched out in the front.

Now, spread both of your hands out are hold on to the right toe with both the hands. Your body will now be in a diagonal direction. Slowly bend down towards your right knee and try to make your nose touch the right knee. During this time you must not fold your right knee a bit even. Hold on to the position around 15 seconds and release gradually to get back to the starting position.

Breathing pattern

While you bend down your body you must breathe out. At the time you release the posture by getting up from the bend pose, you must breathe in. For the rest of the time normal breathing must be ensured.

Several gynecological problem cure through ‘Bhujangasana’


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Bhujanga’ in Sanskrit means the snake. Hence, this posture resembles a snake when it hoods up. This is a wonder yoga for several gynecological ailments in women, starting from scanty periods, to irregular menstruation. Even menstrual cramps and other gynecological problems are sorted out with this posture. You must lie down flat on the ground for this asana. Keep your spinal cod erect and your head and body must face the ground. Keep both you hands on the either side of your body. You legs must be straight and closer to each other.

Begin exercising by drawing in both of your arms closer to your body such that your palms lie in the same line with your bust. Gradually lift your body and bend it from your waist line. Remember not to use your arms to help you rise up. They are kept for supporting your body balance. Use the strength of your waist to rise up. Lift yourself as much as you can but make your legs remain constant at their position. Hold on to the posture about 15 to 20 seconds and release gradually. Go back to the original position.

Breathing pattern

While you rise up, take in breathe. Breathe out while you release your position by gradually lowering your body down to the ground. For the rest of the time you must keep on breathing normally.

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