Spicy food in your diet – Good or bad?

There are a lot of cuisines in various parts of the world which have a lot of spicy food included in them. As a result, some people are naturally accustomed to such food and eating habits. But what happens when someone else, who comes from a different part of the world and has been eating a different kind of cuisine all his life, is made to include such spicy food in his diet?

Well the good news is that spicy food to a certain extent helps in weight loss. This means that most people would readily incorporate this in their diet. Capsaicin, a compound in spicy food increases the body heat and metabolism, which in turn aids in weight loss. Chillies at the same time help in the prevention of cardiovascular problems too, and increase the body resistance power.

However, too much consumption of spicy food and chillies can cause problems of ulcers. This is precisely the reason why those who consume spicy food on a regular basis suffer from oral ulcers. Sadly, the same spicy food that helps you in shedding some pounds also causes problems like heatburn. After a certain period of time, you will constantly face stomach problems, and your digestion process too gets affected.

Suppression of appetite too is one of the main drawbacks of regular consumption of spicy food. And women specifically who have a lot of spicy food in their diet have chances of suffering from hot flashes. Even acne, problems of excessive sweating, nose bleeding and gum swelling are all consequences of including too much of spicy food in one’s diet.

Therefore, spicy food has a lot of disadvantages, and not many people are aware of all these. As a result, they unknowingly consume spicy diets and suffer from a lot of problems. Pregnant woman should specially avoid consumption of spicy food as it can cause heatburn and a lot of other problems. Even those with hemorrhoids need to avoid spicy food.

It is in the hands of each individual to decide for himself/herself how he/she would like to moderate the consumption of spicy food in his/her diet to avoid suffering from the drawbacks, but enjoying the benefits at the same time.

Ridhi Rajpal