Strategies For Losing Weight For Medical Reasons

Being overweight has its consequences. Deposition of excess fat in and around the various parts of the body causes various medical complications that can be prevented with regular exercise and controlled diet.

While this way of reducing weight can be achieved over a period of time, there may be circumstances when an individual will have to lose weight fast for certain life saving medical reasons.

For individuals possessing very high body mass indexes, doctors recommend immediate loss of weight for any further life threatening complications. In such circumstances, obese persons can consider the following procedures for losing weight instantly.

The Important Strategies For Losing Weight For Medical Reasons Are As Follows.

HCG Protocol

Individuals with more than forty readings in the scale for body mass index cannot benefit much from the usual regimes for weight loss. For them, HCG protocol can be of some use in the purpose of losing weight.

This is a diet program that does not involve any kind of surgery. The HCG program comprises of a combination of low calorie diet with hormonal injections to stimulate metabolism in the body.

Individuals prescribed this diet will have to strictly maintain a five hundred calorie of diet regime while injecting HCG into the body, which is a hormone, produced naturally by pregnant women.

The hormone is also available in the market in its pill form. Injections however have a faster effect on the metabolism of the body. If the HCG diet protocol is followed strictly, then obese people can look forward to losing somewhere between 25 – 30 pounds per month.

Lap Band Procedure

This surgical method is becoming very popular among patients looking for bariatric procedure. In this process, experts make a small cut near the abdomen. They enter through this cut claustrophobically to place a gastric band around the stomach. This band is adjustable and can be reversed when required.

Placing the band around the stomach creates a pouch or stoma. This stoma reduces the body’s intensity of food intake. The lap band is adjusted by injecting in it saline water. The amount of saline water injected into the band is increased periodically so that the stomach gets tightened further.

The best part about these bands is that they can be removed when the patient regains normal weight or wishes to have a baby. While there are no major complications to the lap band procedure, when removing the band, the stomach might get irritated producing certain symptoms like excessive stool formation, gas formation, vomiting etc.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

This procedure is the last resort for obese people who have failed to lose excess weight by all other means. The procedure modifies the shape of the digestive system and delimits the intake of food.

This is an open surgery with risks involved. Infections, bleeding, complications and repeated surgeries are some of the risks that patients will have to live with all through their life.

However, the effects of the surgery can be astounding with people losing up to ten pounds in a single month. The hitch is that they will have to constantly remain under the supervision of a doctor.

The cost of gastric bypass surgery is much more than the other forms of surgery. In addition, you will also have to face recurring expenses for checking yourself up with the doctor every month.

The above strategies for losing weight for medical reasons should be adopted only in extreme cases of weight problems. Nothing can replace the benefits of following a regular exercise regime accompanied with healthy diet habits.