Strengthening the Back

Women get back problems once they cross the age of thirty for various reasons including pregnancy. They experience various hormone changes during pregnancy and then during menopause. Lots of women are prone to the problem of osteoporosis. This problem can be controlled and prevented to a certain extent.

By the time you cross the age of thirty, you need to strengthen the spine and keep it as straight as possible through exercise. There are also other ways to strengthen the back. Swimming keeps your back absolutely straight thereby strengthening it. Aerobic dancing and certain particular forms of dancing are actually helpful for your back.

Some of the exercises that will strengthen and improve the back are to lie on the back and bend the knees. Fold the arms below the breasts and gently lift your head and shoulders off the ground. Try doing this twelve to fifteen times and hold it for a few seconds.

Lie down straight on your back keeping your arms close beside you. Once again raise your head and shoulders gently without actually sitting up. Repeat this a few times and hold the pose for a few seconds.

Another good exercise to strengthen the spine is to bend the knees while you are lying on the back. Pull both the knees as close to your chest and hold the pose for five seconds. You can use the support of your hands while doing this. The same exercise can be repeated using one leg at a time. Keep alternating the legs. Do this about fifteen times.

Similarly, keeping your knees bent, lie on your back and keep your arms beside you. Pull your buttocks off the floor. Hold this pose for ten seconds. Repeat it ten to twelve times.

Another exercise is to lie on the stomach. Keep your hands in front of you. Gently lift the upper body off the ground. Do this ten times and hold the pose for a few seconds each time.

Make sure that you do these exercises on a flat and even surface. You do not need a mat. It is best done at home on the floor.