Stress Management

Stress Management is now making headlines and managing it effectively is a challenge faced by both developed and underdeveloped countries. Stress can be defined as external forces having impact on individuals andthe nature of the impact varies from person to person. Hence, the parameters of defining stress and managing iteffectively would certainly vary still some factors are quite common.

There are external environmental factors like job, relationships and many  demands of daily routine  even there are internal factors which influence the abilityto handle stress like an individual’s overall health and fitness, thought process and approach to ones life are all accountable.

Stress cannot be considered as negative in every aspect even some positive impacts too play vital role. Since man is the most adaptive creature of the entire universe, here stress has played positive role as its results are not only visible but also appealing. Various researches in the field of science like medicines, space researches, under sea exploration and many more.

Hence, these challenges are not only faced but also mastered. As we all agree very firmly that excess of everything is bad and the same applies here too. Stress has helped us to master many aspects of our lives but excess of it has lots of negative impact which cannot be overlooked.

The biggest challenge is about balancing stress as it would always exist in our daily lives. Hence our day to day habits needs to be bit modified. Some relaxation trainings of yoga and tai-chi are quite helpful even dance therapy is beneficial. Introducing free hand exercises in daily routine along with brisk walking would bring marvellous results.  Aromatherapy, pet therapy and meditation also play crucial roles in balancing stress. One of the best ways of tackling stress is through talking either with friends, parents or any well wisher about the stressful situations. Even writing down about the stressful situations can be helpful in reducing the stress levels.

Stress Management is an integral part of everyone‘s life and complete prevention from stress is impossible. Moreover, perfectionism in every aspect of life is the root cause hence the acceptance of situations or person’s with their flaws and goodness would make an individual’s life happier, peaceful and relaxed. Even prioritising the basic necessities of life along with making choices based on personal taste would certainly bring fruitful results and make the journey of life more pleasurable and meaningful.