Ten Reasons To Eat Coconuts

Ouch! Did a coconut just fall on your head from the tree above? Coconuts do not spoil your weekends by falling on your head on the sandy beaches. But anyways if you want, avoid sitting below coconut trees.

But never avoid coconuts. These fruits are very helpful and truly concerned about your diet. These fruits help you a lot when you include them in your regular diet. The benefits that these fruits hold within them are truly miraculous and they can do wonders to your health when consumed in the proper way.

Hard And Soft Coconuts

Coconuts are a particular type of fruit that we get from the tall coconut trees in the sandy beaches. The origin of these fruits or nuts is basically unknown, but they are widely popular and used in various forms and ways in different areas of the world. These have a unique characteristic feature in them. These nuts are fibrous, rough and dry from the outside. But from the inside they are soft, supple and juicy. These fruits have various uses.

Coconuts Always Help You

The uses of the coconuts are listed below. Check them out may be you need some nuts in your diet! The best part of the coconuts is the refreshing coconut water that comes out from within them. This water is tasty and cool!

The meat or flesh part of the coconut is even yummier! It is sweet and soft in young nuts, and tough flesh is generally formed in the old nuts.The meat of the coconut is ground and filtered to form coconut milk. This is also a very good coconut product which adds a creamy flavor to your recipes.

Coconut oil is another beneficial product that comes from these nuts. This oil is widely used in many countries for cooking. Well, that’s not all! Coconut oil is also a hair rejuvenator. It is also used as hair oil, and it is very beneficial for your hair too.

Let Coconuts Drop Into Your Diet

Coconuts are very useful fruits for various purposes. These are extremely beneficial for you once you can consume them in a proper manner. We are giving you just a few reasons so that you can know a little better how coconuts can help to maintain a proper diet for you. See the reasons yourself and then decide. Let the coconuts drop in!

Crack Open To Pure Freshness

The refreshing drink that you want in most hot days can be coconut water. This is a very natural and fresh drink that hydrates your body. This water is fat free and contains important electrolytes. Two such electrolytes are sodium and potassium. These electrolytes are very helpful after heavy workouts. Enjoy the joyous benefits of the fresh coconut water.

Make Your Tummy Slim

It has been found earlier that coconut oil increases the fat in your body. But with advanced and recent studies, scientists have concluded that coconuts have a particular type of amino acid which helps to reduce the fat formation.

This amino acid is known as L-arginine. This amino acid helps to burn the fat in your stomach thereby giving you a slim and hot personality. If you have a bulge in your tummy, well, go for this magnificent oil.

Say No To Fatness

The thyroid gland is affected in a very good way by coconuts. The work of thyroid is increased by a 20 percent difference. This prevents your body from unwanted weight gain and also from the growth of sudden goiters. Coconuts are a good help for your thyroid glands to prevent fatness in you.

Reduce The Ugly Cholesterol

Studies conducted earlier said that coconut oil increases the LDL cholesterol in human body when this oil is consumed. But this concept has been proved wrong in the recent researches that were conducted.

The presence of a particular type of amino acid helps to rather reduce the cholesterol level thereby preventing your body from further health problems.

Happy Heart Is All Yours

A happy and healthy heart is desired by all. Well, here is your solution. The amino acid, L-arginine, present in coconut oil helps to reduce cholesterol, thereby preventing you from heart diseases. Coconut oil is highly beneficial for preventing heart diseases and fixing any heart problems that you already have.

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Fight Bacteria With Your Own Soldiers

The two essential fighters that are beneficial for fighting bacteria are monolaurin and lauric acid. These are both found inside the tough shells of a coconut. Include coconuts in your diet and make them yours.  Go ahead and protect yourself from bacteria.

Kill Viruses With The Hard Nut

Viruses are another threat for your body. The two essential soldiers of coconuts, monolaurin and lauric acid also help you to protect your body from viruses. A wonderful discovery has also proved that monlaurin has stopped the growth of the HIV virus. Include coconuts in your diet as soon as possible.

Be Strong Baby!

The lauric acid found in coconuts is also an essential part of mother’s milk. This nutrient helps to make the immune system of new born babies strong. Coconut milk is a very good replacement to train your child with replacing mother’s milk as it gives similar immunity to your child that helps him or her to grow stronger. Baby diet is also in need of coconuts.

Would Be Mummies Love Coconuts

If you are a pregnant mother, then we have some good news for you. Few of the problems related to pregnancy are being solved right here. Coconut water is fat-free so it helps to regulate your cholesterol level.

The electrolyte provided also regulates blood pressure. That’s not all. You can even prevent infections in the urinary tract by consuming coconuts. Consume coconuts for the health of your would-be babies.

Hard or Soft, Supple or Rough: Coconut Meat Is Sweet

Coconut is a fruit, whose flesh or meat is rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore including coconut in your diet means you will have a diet with sufficient nutrients included in it. Go for the sweet and nutritious coconut for good health. Crack the coconuts open and enjoy all their benefits in complete sweetness.

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