The Causes Of Excess Gas

Gas is a common problem and almost each one of us experiences it some time. Though it doesn’t harm you too much, it causes you a lot of discomfort and if the gases do not find way to pass out, it can cause you severe problems. Here are some causes of excessive gas. While eating or drinking foods air goes insde your stomach. Later on this air either rise up or go down your lower digestive tract.

This gives you the feeling of gas in your intestine Therefore you should take care to swallow minimum air while eating or drinking any food. People who drink water from bottle instead of glass swallow more air and suffer from more gas problem.

Well, you will be surprised to know that some foods which are good for your health are also responsible for gas problem. Fiber foods cause a lot of gas because when your intestine is unable to digest the bacteria, which remains in your colon, ferment carbohydrates then gas is formed. Fiber foods contain psyllium, which leads to gas formation. Beverages, which are carbonated, too cause gas.  Soda, beer, cold drinks etc falls in this category.

People who take antibiotic face a lot of gas problems because due to antibiotics, your bowel functions are disrupted. People who suffer from various diseases too face gas problems. Especially those who face constipation problem suffer a lot from gas problem. People who use excessive laxatives also suffer from gas problem.

If you can’t digest milk you should avoid it because milk and dairy products cause excessive gas in some persons. Artificial sweeteners, stale foods and fast foods are also responsible for excessive gas.People who chew gums suffer a lot from gas problems because too much air enters inside their stomach.

People who eat foods very quickly without chewing properly also suffer from gas problem. Drinking any liquid very quickly too cause gas formation in your intestine. Foods which require sucking instead of chewing are also responsible for gas. You should avoid drinking from straw because you suck air with the liquid which forms gas.

During nervousness people tend to swallow more often which is also one of the reasons of gas formation. Gas formation is also caused by smoking or excessive consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol.

Some other causes of gas formation include flying in airplane, anorexia, dentures poorly fitted etc.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.