The Daily Diabetic Diet For Healthy Life

Are you lethargic? Feeling sleepy? Are you afraid of hard work since you are exhausted very easily? Then it is high time you go for a routine check up with your house physician. It might be the cause that Blood Sugar or Diabetes has made its deadly way to degenerate your health.

Most of us who have a family history of diabetes are prone to this disease. Thus it is very well-known to those who see their near ones suffering from it. There is a general idea that consuming too much of sugar results to Diabetes. But doctors proved it wrong. As per the medical notion there are several factors that are responsible for Diabetes rather than consumption of sugar or sweet.

What Causes Diabetes?

There are normally two types of diabetes or in other word there are two conditions when a person develops diabetes. The first and foremost condition or the diabetes 1 is when the affected person is unable to produce the required amount of insulin for the body.

In most of this cases insulin is provided from outside like injecting them into the blood stream to maintain the insulin balance in blood. Patients suffering from this type of Diabetes have no other alternative to survive.

In Diabetes 2 or the 2nd condition of diabetes the body of the patient is capable of producing insulin but the cells do not allow for the same. Since pancreas is responsible for creating insulin cells sometimes has conflict with pancreas and insulin production is hampered. This is the type of Diabetes that is termed as Hereditary and is carried through blood from one generation to the other.

Diabetes Is Not Age Specific.

Most of us have an idea that only the aged persons are prone to diabetes. No that is totally a wrong concept. There are cases where small children are suffering from a specific type of Diabetes. Even pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes.

So to be very precise diabetes is a disease that can happen to anyone anytime irrespective of age and food habit. You will never know that you are carrying the blood of hereditary diabetes and one fine morning you find that this deadly disease has taken its toll on your health.

How To Remain Healthy In Spite Of Diabetes

We already know that insulin is the only way out to fight with diabetes. In case of type 1 diabetes injecting insulin is the only way out. However there are several other ways to deal with diabetes for both types 1 and 2.

As per researches done by the scientists a healthy diabetic diet, exercises and medicines can control diabetes and you can remain energetic and healthy.  Routine exercises and balance diet will make possible to control the disease.

A Diet For Diabetics

This is a healthy eating plan which is rich in nutritional value and low in fat and calories. It has to be recommended in such a way so that it controls the blood sugar level and manage the body weight. If you are on excess calorie then that will result in undesirable increase the glucose level of our body.

How To Stay Healthy Even On A Restricted Diet

This may result to the damage of nerve, kidney and heart. Make a healthy food choice so that you can lose pounds. Get the diet chart done by a dietitian according to your food habit, health goals, lifestyle and taste.

Recommendation Of Food For Diabetics

This process of controlling diabetes though a healthy diet is known as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). This is the process of eating a variety of nutritional food in specific meal time and also in moderate amount. A diabetic diet must include a daily intake of calorie wherein 50% to 60% would be carbohydrate, 12% to 20% proteins and less than 30% from fatty food.

Focus On Healthy Carbohydrates

During the process of digestion both simple and complex carbohydrates break up into blood glucose. Hence keep an eye on those carbohydrates those are healthy for you. This includes fruits, legumes (lentils, beans and peas), vegetables and dairy products that contain low fats.

Foods Rich In Fiber

There are few plant foods that you cannot absorb or digest. Fiber is responsible for decreasing the blood sugar level and decreases the risk of heart diseases. Wheat, gram and plant based vegetables are the fiber based food which is the most essential component of a diabetic diet.

Fish Oil

Eat fishes which are healthy for heart. This is a good replacement for meat which is rich in fat. Halibut, cod and tuna are few fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acid and are healthy for heart.

Salmon, Herring and Mackerel can also be added to the fish diet as they also have the same property and can replace the meat and poultry that add to extra fat in the body. These fishes lower the blood fat called triglycerides and helps in promoting heart health.

Fat That Is Good For Body

There are different types of foods that are rich in fats. These fats are also categorized as good fats and bad fats. Foods such as peanuts, olives, canola, pecans, walnuts, almonds and avocados are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

These fats are termed as good fats and help in lowering the cholesterol level an also blood sugar level is accordingly in control. Sodium intake is a must and that too maximum of 2,000 mg per day.

Don’t Consume In Diabetes

Do not consume foods like hot dogs, bacon and sausages as they contain saturated fats.  Oily snacks, Margarine and baked food contain Trans fat which is highly effective for a diabetic patient. Organ meat, egg-yolk, liver, shell-fish and high fat proteins are to be kept aside from the diet chart and a maximum of 200mg cholesterol consumption has to be the target.

A General Menu That You Can Follow

Take pancakes made of wheat, a cup of milk containing low-fat and a fruit for breakfast. Opt for a cup of rice, fish, vegetables and a cup of juice for lunch. Have pasta with mixed vegetables and one cup of milk at the time of dinner.

In the evening try for low fat snacks. Why are you waiting then?  Consult your dietitian, go for the best healthy eating plan for diabetes and enjoy a healthy life.