The Diet For Dealing With Constipation

Do you face problem in eliminating stool? Are you suffering from bloating, straining and sensation of full bowel all the time? Then be rest assured that this is the constipation problem that you are facing and it should be taken care of as early as possible. This generally can be diagnosed when you have a bowel movement less than 3 times a week followed by the symptoms mention above.

Constipation is not a disease as most of the people think and it is not correct that you are suffering from constipation if you are not regular in bowel movement. In constipation stools are dry, hard, small in size and difficult to eliminate.

Every individual faces the constipation problem any time or other in their life. A poor diet is generally the main cause of constipation. This can be taken care of by understanding the source of the problem, prevention and once started off with treatment you can be relieved from it.

Causes For Constipation

Bowel formation procedure starts with the work done by Colon and Small Intestine. The colon absorbs water once the food is moving through it to form the waste product.The muscle contraction in the colon helps the stool to move towards the rectum. By the time the stool reaches the rectum it is turned into solid form as the water is being absorbed by the colon.

In any case if colon absorbs too much of water or the movement of the stool to the rectum is very sluggish due to the muscle contraction of colon it results to dry hard stool and inevitably leads to constipation.

There are few common causes that are responsible for the constipation problem. It is mostly related to daily diet and works done by an individual. Absence of fiber in the diet and low intake of water sometimes may be the root cause of constipation. Lack of exercises sometimes results to constipation in case of elderly persons.

Irritable bowel disease, milk, misuse of laxatives, medications and ignoring the urge of bowel movement are some of the other common causes for constipation problem.

Medical ailments like stroke, problems in intestinal function; colon and rectum problem may lead to constipation. While travelling, you are not regular with your diet and the same situation arises when you are too old or you are pregnant. In all these three cases constipation is a very common issue.

Diet Suggestions For Easing Constipation

When you are suffering from constipation you have to be very regular with the required diet to ease yourself from this problem. This natural process is very much convenient than the prescribed medicines and laxatives which has got side effects. So let us discuss about the remedy for constipation through a diet plan.

Add Fiber To Your Diet

Presence of fiber in everyday’s diet is a must. It is a part of the plant that we cannot digest.This adds bulk and softness to the stool.The fibers that are soluble absorb the water and form a gel which binds with the fatty acids. This results to the softness of the stool.Those fibers that are not soluble in water add to the bulk of the stool.

Since plants are the best source of fiber you don’t have to be very calculative as to which food to eat or which fiber to take. Make choice from the vast range of nature and you will be able to get rid of the issue naturally.

Variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are a wide source of fiber that you can opt for. If you are now taking less amount of fiber then add 20 to 25% fiber to your daily diet and see it works wonder.

Fruits, Vegetables & Legumes For Daily Diet

Fruits serve the purpose of nutritional supplement for the body and also an excellent source for fiber. Researches revealed that there are some people who are suffering from IBS-C (Irritable bowel syndrome) do not face the intestinal problem if the fruits are stewed, cooked or dried are less nauseating for the intestine. Figs, Apricot, Papaya,Pineapples,Pears,Prunes and Peaches are few essential fruits and vegetables for you daily diet which helps in relieving constipation.

Vegetable plays an important role in supplying nutrients for body health and also provides a strong dosage of dietary fiber. Although fruits you can take raw but in case of vegetables you body will respond more effectively when they are cooked rather than eaten raw.

Peas, cabbage, asparagus,Brussels sprouts, carrot, Artichoke heart, Broccoli, Squash and green beans are few essential vegetable for clearing you bowel.

Green vegetables like spinach, kale and chard are generally some common diets that are easily available and most essential for gaining relief from constipation.

Beans play an active role in clearing the bowel. Pinto, kidney, garbanzo, canella and navy are some legumes that should be added to the diet plate on everyday basis. These beans are very rich in nutritional value and also good for general health also.

Magic of Whole Grain

Do not fool yourself!! You may come across many advertisements which will be displayed as “Multigrain” but eventually it will turn up to a poor source of whole grain. Check minutely with the ingredient list and be aware that the word WHOLE must be there.

Bran is something which is sometimes present in whole wheat product. You have to very cautious while consuming this whole grain as for some individual Bran causes irritation in the digestive system.

Go for a high fiber breakfast (nearly 8 grams for every serving). Also try with whole grain, breads, millets, Brown rice and Barley alternately which will help you to get rid of constipation naturally and without creating any physical disturbance.

Flaxseed- The Golden Grain

These are the tiny golden seeds of the flax plant which are known to provide ease for constipation if are consumed after grinding them.This also serves as a source of Omega-3 fatty acid and also other minerals,vitamins and phytoestrogen.

It is a tasty seed and can be consumed by adding to yoghurt, cereals and also in baked goods. Remember to have ample water after taking flaxseed to ensure the stool softening effects of it.

Hydrate Yourself

Lastly do not forget to water your body with sufficient amount of water.Have 3 liters of water every day to detoxicate you body and clear your bowel.