The Keys To Burning Your Body Fat Away

burn body fatTo understand how to burn the stored fat in your body, you may compare your body to that of a car, and the fat in it to the fuel in the tank of the car. And supposedly burning the fat in your body is like burning extra 50 gallons from the tank.

Let’s consider that you do not have an option of sucking out the fuel from the tank which is equivalent to liposuction of the body fat. Now what’s to be done in this situation?

Below you may find the answer to this question

To burn the car’s fuel you have to drive the car for long distances (which would mean exercising a lot to burn body fat). The body, like the car, burns carbohydrate, glucose as well as fat, depending on how much physical activity you take on and what was consumed.

If you do more physical activities than you eat, more energy is needed; your body will burn the fats, carbohydrates and protein that are stored.

For daily small chores use the car as much as you can (similar to doing physical activity for your day to day work, do as much physical work as you can). The two primary sources of energy are glucose and fat, which your body burns a combination of, unless it is working at high intensities. Hence, be on the move more often instead of sitting down or resting too much.

The car’s motor can be kept running even when not in use to burn fuel, which is called idling, even at night (it is similar to the body’s basal metabolism burning calories all the time during day and night).

It is sometimes called the ‘afterburn‘; the energy used after exercising. If you have a good afterburn, your fats are being burned not only during the exercising but also after.

But you must build up your exercising to a certain level or intensity before you can achieve a good afterburn. The body first burns up the glucose during the exercising before it burns up the fat, if the high intensity is achieved.

Another way is to get the car’s idling speed (rate at which it burns fuel when just kept running in the driveway), to increase from a mechanic, which is analogous to increasing your body’s metabolism rate which is helpful in burning calories even at night when you are sleeping. This could be done through doing aerobic exercises daily and weight training as well at least every two days.

The simplest way to lose weight (which is nothing but body fat), is to burn the accumulated fat by the methods as stated above. It should be also kept in mind not to consume more food, which means if fats are to be burned from the body, the food intake should be normal or else it defies the whole purpose of reducing the fat.

Therefore, it is imperative that you try to do regular exercises and weight training at least three times a week to ensure maximum results.