The Perfect Tummy With Crunches

Lots of people want to exercise only to lose the flab on their tummy. to get flat tummy, all you need to do is lots of crunches all through the day. if your exercise program consists only of crunches besides your warm up and stretching, you will lose your tummy within a period of three to four months depending on how religiously you work your body.

Crunches can be done easily or you can also make it more difficult. One of the more difficult crunches is to lie on your back and lift your legs upwards making sure your knees are bent. Make sure your legs are crossed as you lift up. This is more difficult to do, and works your lower abs better. Keep your hand across your chest to make it more effective. If you find this difficult, you can put your arms behind your neck and lift up. It is important that your shoulders come off the ground and you feel a tug in your stomach.

You can also do stomach crunches by rolling a towel and keeping it below your lower back. Lie down keeping your legs bent and lift your upper back putting your arms over your head. do this at least thirty times so that it is more effective.

You can also lie down on the ground and raise your legs to a ninety degree angle and again lift your shoulders off the ground a few times. Alternatively, in the same position, you can move one side at a time to make a cyclic motion.

Another way to exercise your tummy is to lie down with your legs in a ninety degree position. Your toes should be pointing upwards and you should keep your hands straight on the ground beside you. Now lift your buttocks slowly off the ground. You should not feel any pain in your lower back. you can do this for about thirty counts and you will feel the tightness in your stomach.

Doing these exercises is surely going to give you a tummy tuck like no other. You just need to be determined at get at it.