Three Most Essential Steps For Weight Loss

weight lossEveryone wants to stay slim. Everyone wants to shed off those few extra pounds of their body and that is not only because it looks odd. The main cause to stay slim is to prevent various diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is one of the leading causes of death in United States. Obesity also increases the chance of various life threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, various neurological and muscular problems. So it can be called as one of the modern curses.

Take timely measure to get rid of this curse. Causes of obesity can be many – intake of too much animal protein and fat, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance in the body, low metabolism, hereditary causes, side effects of various medicines, and many more. This article aims to guide you to loose those extra pounds naturally with the help of home remedies, exercise and right type of diet.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss

Lemon juice is an excellent natural medicine that reduces weight. Squeeze one lemon in half cup of lemon water. Mix well and drink the mixture on an empty stomach. Drink it regularly and see the change in few days. Some people do not like the acidic taste of the lemon. Moreover lemon juice on empty stomach may cause acidity. So, you can mix a teaspoon of honey with lemon juice. It will make the taste of the mixture good, prevent acid problem, help to clear your bowels and thus increase your metabolic rate indirectly.

Basil helps to reduce fat. Take 2-3 fresh basil leaves and wash them properly. Chew those basil leaves on empty stomach accompanied with a teaspoon of honey. Follow it up with half a cup of water. Practice this method and you will get the benefits soon.

Green tea is one of the most popular medicines for loosing weight. Make light liquor of green tea and drink it 2-3 times daily without milk and sugar. You may add few drops of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon black pepper powder in it to increase taste and its fat reducing power. Research shows that green tea can boost your metabolic rate and help to suppress appetite.

Tomatoes have anti-aging and fat reducing power. Eat at least two raw red tomatoes in your breakfast everyday to become slim. Eat plenty of green salad everyday. Cut cucumber, onion and carrot in fine slices. Sprinkle salt and few drops of lemon juice. Have this salad 2-3 times a day whenever you feel hungry. They add no extra calorie. Moreover all these vegetables help to melt down fat.

Cabbage is good for loosing weight. You can add cabbage to your salad or make cabbage soup. Take the leaf of the cabbage and boil them in water. Add salt to taste. Sprinkle black pepper powder and serve it hot. Cabbage soup has power to burn the calorie. So add cabbage in your everyday meal.

Indian gooseberry (amla) is an excellent thing which reduces fat very quickly. Boil amla in small amount water so that no excess water remains. Then smash those boiled amla and make a paste. Add rock salt and mix properly. Preserve it in refrigerator. Take 1 spoon everyday before taking your meal at daytime. This amla paste not only helps to reduce fat but also solve the problem of acne and pimples.

Right Type of Diet

If you are suffering from obesity, stay away from carbohydrate, fat and red meat. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in good amount. But among fruits do not eat banana and chiku (sapodilla). They contain high amount of calorie. Fruits like pineapple, watermelon, orange, apple and lime are good for obese people. These fruits keep them healthy and fit.

weight loss Diet

Among vegetable potato contains a great amount of carbohydrate. So it is better not to touch potato if you want to loose weight. Eat rice in very small amount (not more than half cup) everyday. Eat plenty of green salads and vegetables like gourd, spinach, lentils, chick pea in large amount. Milk is necessary for calcium supply.

So drink milk but that should be fat free or toned milk. Instead of milk you may eat yogurt everyday which supplies calcium in good amount without adding any extra calorie. Stay away from red meat and alcohol completely. Do not eat refined flower and high calorie ice-cream and chocolates. Avoid excess salt in your cooking.

Never use sugar in your cooking and do not eat sweet foods other than fruits. Avoid fried food. Eat food slowly. Chew food properly before you swallow it. Avoid eating foods in between two meals and eat only home cooked foods because home cooked foods are healthy. Never eat junk food which is spicy and oily.

Everyday Exercise

breathing exercise

Everyday exercise is must to shed of those extra pounds. Exercise helps us to burn off those excess calories. If we live a sedentary life, we will grow fat automatically because calorie is not burnt off and stored in our body in the form of fat. Moreover it slows down our metabolic rate gradually and all food, even water, turns to fat and stored in our body. So do some freehand exercise everyday. Wake up early in the morning and go for a jogging. But if you have any problem of heart, ask your doctor whether you will jog or not.

But you can walk because walking is safe for everyone. Other effective exercises are cycling, swimming, etc. Everyday exercise is must to burn fat. Do some breathing exercise (Pranayam) and yoga. These two things make your body flexible and tone muscle of every part of the body including abdomen muscle. After loosing weight our skin gets loose and brings an aged look. Yoga and asana help to put back the skin in its old condition and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Do not get worried about your weight. What you need is strong determination, tenacity, discipline and will power. Loose weight naturally because it has no side effect. Maximum obesity control medicine has side effects. After using those medicines for a long time it has been found that people starts to feel depressed. Depression and frustration are other side effects of fat control medicine.