Three Techniques Of Yoga That Benefit Health

Health Benefits Of YogaExercises, in any form, are something that the world believes in. They are natural ways that promote vitality and well being of the body. Exercises are also important in toning the muscles, healthy growth and development of the bones, providing energy to the body and also detoxifying the system.

There are several forms of exercise, ranging from free hand exercises, stretching exercises, workouts, swimming, dancing, aerobics exercises etc. But, a form of exercise, that is considered all over the world, as more a treatment that an exercise, is, yoga. Yoga postures and techniques are of various types, aiming at curing different diseases as well as promoting health and vigor. Yoga exercises are based either on sitting form or in lying down form or in standing form, which are the foundation of which the postures are performed. This form of exercise has been believed upon and followed all over the world, in different countries and among different people of different age groups and sex to remain fit and healthy.

In this article we will focus upon some of the yoga exercises that follow these basic forms and lead to several health benefits.

Yoga posture no. 1; ‘The frog posture’

This yoga posture is known as ‘Mandukasan’. ‘Manduk’ in Sanskrit means frog and ‘asana’ refers to posture. This is a complete seated posture.

How to do this yoga

Sit firmly on the ground in such a way that your legs are folded in front of you and lie in the same line as that of the ground you are sitting. Your hands must be kept over either of you knees and be straight. Your head and spinal cord is to be kept straight. Look straight.

When you begin the exercise, bend your legs backwards and put them in such a way that your feet are kept one over the other. Your knees must be on either side of your body. Spread your knees as much as you can, to ensure the maximum of gap in between them. Put your hands under your knees in a firm way. Look straight and remain erect.

Hold on to this position for about 10 to 15 seconds. After this time, return back to your previous position. Finally you are supposed to get back to the starting phase of the exercise again. Take rest for about 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise again, after the rest period. For getting the best results of this yoga, repeat the whole process for about 4 to 5 times.

How to breathe

This is one of the simplest forms of yoga and does not require any alteration in the breathing process. Follow a regular breathing pattern as you pose.

How is the exercise beneficial for health

This exercise is so effective that people following this is sure to remain ever slim and keep away obesity from themselves as long as they follow it. It is also essential for the normal working of the kidney and hence, those who follow this regularly, will never have any kidney related problems. People suffering from gout and arthritis in the leg joints are instructed to perform this exercise, as it benefits them by curing several problems of leg joints and strengthening the leg. It is effective in strengthening the digestive system and promoting healthy assimilation of food. Females will be specially benefited by this exercise as it cures any deformities in their reproductive organs and assists in healthy delivery of kids.

Yoga posture no. 2; ‘The whole body posture’

This yoga is known as ‘Sharvangasana’. The word ‘Sharva’ in Sanskrit is whole, and ‘Asana’ is posture. This is a posture that is based on a lying down posture. It is extremely beneficial.

Techniques Of Yoga

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How to do this yoga

Lie down straight on a uniform ground. Place your hands firmly, on both sides of your body. Your legs must be stretched out and kept straight, in front of your body. Do not bend either your legs or hands.

As you start exercising, lift both your legs slowly and simultaneously. Bring them to the position where the feet point towards the ceiling. You must not bend your legs anytime during the exercise. When you lift your legs, you must raise your hands up, too, by bending them from the elbows and holding your waist from either side. The upper part of your arms must be placed on to the ground. This posture will help you in supporting your posture and balance of the legs. All the while you perform the exercise, keep your head, shoulders and the upper part of your body, a little above your waist, on the ground and the rest part above it.

Remain in the position, as directed, for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then release slowly and get back to the lying position from where you started. Take a few seconds of rest and continue with the yoga again, for two more times, for getting your desired benefits.

How to breathe

The breathing process remains normal all through the exercise. Only when you lift up your legs, you must breathe in and when you lower down your body, breathe out.

How is this yoga beneficial for health

This asana helps in fighting out obesity. The nervous system and the nerves connected to the spine are greatly benefited by this and there is normal flow of blood throughout the body. It is an effective cure against disorders of the spleen, thyroid problems and asthma. It assists in retaining youth for a longer time and also improves and tones the overall body structure.

Yoga posture no. 3; ‘The triangular posture’

This asana is regarded as ‘Trikonasana’. ‘Trikon’ in Sanskrit, is triangle and ‘Asana’ is posture. This exercise is based on the standing posture.

How to do this yoga

Stand straight on the ground, keeping your legs and your hands firm. Look straight and keep your spine and head straight.

Begin the exercise by stretching your legs apart, as much as you can. Raise your hands and spread them wide, on either side of you body. They should not be bent at all. Now, twist towards your left side and bend slowly, towards the left, to hold on to your left heel. Your right hand must be straight and raised high, facing upwards. Keep your spine and shoulder straight.

Hold on to this position for about 10 minutes and then release and rise up. Now repeat the similar procedure in the right side. For best results, do at least 5 sets of the exercise in total.

How to breathe

The breathing process, alike the other two postures, will be normal for most part of the exercise. But, as you stoop down, exhale and as you rise up, inhale.

How is this yoga beneficial for health

People doing this yoga will be able to retain their health and fitness for a longer time. It makes the spine flexible and reduces unwanted fat from body. It is a great cure for arthritis and gout.

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