Tips For Boxing Workout

Everyday we get to know about new forms of workout techniques which promise to keep us fit. One of the most recent and efficient one is Boxing workout. It sounds that this cannot be done at home all alone, and needs lot of arrangements.

Actually it needs very less arrangement and can be very easily done at home. Boxing workout is very efficient as it targets each and every part of your body. It tones your full arm and leg muscles.

Makes the shoulder, waist and back muscles much stronger. Cardio Bomb ( a kind of boxing technique) helps to reduce about 1000 calories. It enhances the rate of metabolism, thus helps to digest food and keeps you fit.

What Do You Need For Boxing Workout ?

One heavy bag ( filled with sand). Gloves. If you cannot find pair of gloves, tie around some  bandage roll in your hands and palm.


While doing the workout you can put on your favorite music too.

Workout Steps For Boxing Workout

In the initial days try to train yourself from a boxing expert and learn all the boxing workout details.Like,what should be the standing position, how long should you workout, how long should you take breaks in between etc. When you learn all the workout techniques, you do not need any trainer anymore.You can practise by yourself at home.

First stand beside the heavy bag. The gap between your legs should be more than the gap between your shoulders. Now step forward your left feet first.Keep your back,waist and shoulders straight and upright.

You can fold your knees slightly. Keep in mind that you should not stress  both the legs unequally. Stand in a way such that you can move your body easily. Fold your fingers and position it near your face,to be precise near your chin. the distance between both the hands should be 6 inches approximately.

Position your elbows near to the body. This will protect your rib cage as well as will tone your waist muscle while you practise boxing the heavy bag. Now punch the Heavy bag straight with one hand forward and immediately pull that hand back. Always keep in mind about the speed in which you are Boxing, or else you might get hurt badly.

Now keep your arms straight and fold your thumbs inside as it is done while firing bullet from the gun, and punch the bag hard. Keep the body balance right. Keep the feet in position or else you would not get much strength for the punch. This technique is known as Jab.

Shadow Boxing

Instead of standing in fron t of the bag, you can opt to try boxing standing in front of a mirror too. target your mirror image and practise to hit it hard.  If you practise this kind of boxing workout, you will easily come to know about your own faults. Initially do it slowly then increase the speed and force. Once you get used to this techniques then you can try with the heavy bag.

Workout Routine

Do rope Skipping for 3 minutes.
Then do 1 minute of spot jogging.
Do Squats for next 3 minutes.
Then again do 1 minute of spot jogging.
Do shadow Boxing. Change your position every 90 seconds.
Then end with another minute of spot jogging.

Important Facts For Boxing Workout

Consult a doctor before you start doing workout.  Especially if  you have Arthritis or any related disorder, you should take special precautions. Initially you might experience body aches after the workout, do not worry about that. If possible take one day break in a weak from the workout.

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