Tips For Effective Workouts

Working out helps to burn fat and build lean muscle. But, working out intelligently helps you achieve your goals in a jiffy. Here are a few tips to make your workout more effective.

Chuck Long Intensive Workouts

Two short workouts are more effective than a long intensive workout. This is a common misconception among people. If you break it up into 2-3 small workouts during the day, the results will be enhanced. Furthermore, staying active throughout the day also helps greatly. It helps to boost your metabolism. So, do cardio in the morning, stretches in the afternoon and weight training in the evening.

In addition, try to do a cardio workout in the morning. This is because cardio workouts help to shrink the stored fat cells in the body. If you really want to boost your metabolism add a second workout during the day. This will aid immensely in loosing weight. Try to do resistance training or weight lifting for the second workout. This helps to burn the carbohydrate calories that you will have consumed during the day. This propels your weight loss goals significantly.

Resistance Training before Cardio Routine

We all know that body begins to burn fat after the first 20 minutes of your workout. Any cardio activity is very intensive and burns a lot of fat. Therefore, it would really benefit if you do some resistance training before your cardio workout. Ideally, about 20 minutes of resistance training is advised.

You body burns glycogen and not fat for the first 20 minutes. So, when you begin your cardio workout your body will be in the fat burning mode. Thus, you will end up burning more stored adipose tissue in your body.

Compound Exercises and Full Body Workouts

Do not try to train each muscle group only once a week. In fact have less exercises that concentrate on particular muscle groups only in your workout regimen. Instead, concentrate on full body workouts, they are quite effective. Compound exercises are highly recommended. Compound exercises are ones that involve more than 1 muscle group while you are working out. These are very effective in burning fat. You can do some exercises that focus on solitary muscle groups later on; probably at the end of the workout. The number of such exercises should be limited.

Strength Training is Crucial

If you are looking to burn fat, doing cardio exercises in isolation is not the solution. During cardio workout the energy expenditure is temporary. Strength training, on the other hand, increases the heart rate of a person. Thus the rate at which body burns calories also increases.

Therefore, it is very important that your workout routine includes both cardio as well as strength training. This is because strength training helps to sustain long terms weight loss goals. Strength training helps you build muscle. Muscle utilise more calories when in action. A pound of fat burns 5 calories, while a pound of muscle burns about 50 calories.