Tips To Exercise At Home Without Major Equipments

Not all of us have the luxury to go to the gym or take time off just to exercise, you can use everyday activities around the house to get the exercise you need.A staircase at home is very helpful for doing leg and back exercises.Step up exercises on the stairs is very similar to aerobics.

Stand at the bottom of the stairs and step on the first step of the staircase and step down. Then climb up three stairs and climb down two stairs, repeat this pattern about ten times till you reach the tenth step. Start slowly and repeat ten times covering the first couple of steps and do not over exert yourself.

Your couch need not always be the main source of your laziness. You can use the very same couch to tone up your thighs and buttocks by performing simple stretches. Stand up facing the couch and bend forward supporting your weight on the arms of the couch. In this position kick your right leg back till your foot is parallel to the ceiling and bring it back down. You should feel a little strain on your thighs and buttocks while doing this, it means that the exercise is working. Do this about 15 times and repeat wit your left leg. Start with about 3 sets and gradually increase the number of sets.

If you dont have dumb bells, a laundry basket forms a good replacement for weights. Hold the basket above your head and lift it and bring it back down. Do at least three repititions , lifting the basket about 15 times in each repetition. This exercise is very useful for toning your upper arms, back and shoulders.

If you are in front of the television for most of the day, use the commercial breaks to do some quick exercises. Do some sit ups, jumping jacks, crunches during commercials and do light exercises once the show comes back on.

If you have a chair with wheels then you can use that and your desk to work on your biceps. Hold the table and push the chair back as much as you can, then pull yourself to the table. Repeat this back and forth movements about 20 times.

You dont need to take time for a workout, instead try and include the work out in your daily activity. Stand on the tips of your toes and get back on your heels about 10 time, each time you have to pick up something from the top of the shelf. You can perform simple arm and bust exercises while washing dishes or drying clothes.

Meera M.Das

  • junelyn rarama

    exercises that is appropriate to those who have a normal Body Mass Index..

  • Mitchell @ Qwikbody

    I prefer to exercise outside of the gym. To get a decent workout, sometimes it can take two hours. Just factor in drive time, changing, warm up, the actual workout, cool down, changing, and more drive time. It just seems like a disgusting amount of time that I’ve wasted.