Tone Up Your Butt With Pilates Butt Exercises

If you want a firm and toned butt then the only effective way is exercise. A perfectly shaped butt not only enhances your beauty but also boosts your confidence during public appearances.

Getting a toned butt is not at all a hard task. All that you need is the right buttock exercises to burn the excess fat and tone up the muscles of that area.

The fact is that spot burning is quite impossible but you have to pay extra attention on butt and thighs to make them firm and shapely. Pilates is a good option for toning your whole body. Moreover, it gives you flexibility too. Try these Pilates exercises to get a perfectly stunning butt.

Pelvic Curl

First lie on your back, keep your knees bent and place your feet flat on the floor. Start exhaling while doing a pelvic tilt. Try to push your bellybutton down towards the spine by engaging your abdominal muscles. Now inhale and press down to make your tailbone curl up using your feet. First raise your hips, then your lower spine and at last the middle spine.

Your aim is to make a straight line from hip to shoulder by coming up to the lower part of your shoulder. Exhale and take back your spine to the floor starting from the upper back. Inhale and go back to the neutral position. You should repeat it three to five times.

Heel Beats

Lie down on your stomach and place your forehead on your hands. Keep the legs together and straight. Now try to lift your abdominal muscles up and slowly turn your legs out a little at the hips, keeping the heels together. Stay in this position and it will send a lengthening energy down to your legs.

Now, lift your legs from the floor by using this energy. Rapidly beat your heels together and away. Try to do at least 10 beats and repeat the whole process by taking rest in between.

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Pilates Swimming

First lie on your stomach keeping your legs together and straight. Stretch both of your arms overhead and keep them away from your ears. Try to lift your bellybutton up from the floor by pulling your abs in.

Try to extend your legs, arms and spine slowly to lift them up from the floor.Pump up and down in small pulses by alternating right arm/ left leg and then left arm/right leg.

Standing Single Leg Front To Back Kick

In this exercise you need to extend your legs back and forth which will help you to tone up your butt. Moreover, it improves your balance as well as makes your abs, hamstrings and quadriceps strong. First, stand on your left leg with your hands raised to the shoulder height.

You can bend slightly on left knee. Now you need to extend the right leg straight in front direction. The leg should be parallel to the floor but do not put extra pressure if you are a beginner.

Swing the leg in backward direction without arching your lower back. Try to squeeze your glutes while doing so. Do it five to ten times and then switch leg. Try these Pilates exercises to get the toned up butt. With these easy and effective exercises you are sure to achieve your desired shape.

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