Tooth Staining: A General Problem

People often feel ashamed of discolored or stained tooth and it is one of most common complaints that a dentist has to hear after toothache and tooth decay. Often regular brushing is not enough to keep away teeth stain and also the home remedies alone are not enough for it. So you might have to take the help of cosmetic dentistry to get the perfect white teeth. Cosmetic dentistry may seem to be a field for the film and TV stars. But actually, cosmetic dentistry is not all about glamor but correcting various problems of the teeth like tooth bonding, replacement of dental crowns and getting rid of ugly patches on the teeth.

Teeth staining and discoloration can be the result of various factors. The commonest of all the causes is poor oral hygiene. Regular brushing can take out the various staining residues. Coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, etc. also cause stain and those consuming it regularly can have very bad stains on their teeth. The other factors are aging, regular use of medicines, especially antibiotics and even excessive use of fluoride.

Teeth staining has been classified into two types, the outside staining and inside staining. The outside staining or extrinsic staining is the type where the exterior surface of the teeth gets stained. This is usually caused by the staining agents like tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. and from chemical reactions of some medicines. The color of such stains range from the light yellowish and orange to the darker shades of green arising from deposit of tar. But these stains can be easily removed through processes like bleaching, polishing or with other professional teeth cleaning procedure.

The other type, the inside staining, is caused quite deep in the root structure and is very difficult to remove. They might occur due to damaged teeth, reactions with drugs like tetracycline and minoclyne, excessive fluoride intake and also from trauma and bacterial infection. Heredity can also cause inside staining.

Good dental hygiene and care of teeth can prevent staining to quite an extent. Moreover, you may use tooth whitening chewing gum and regularly brush and floss your teeth to keep them sparkling white as long as possible. Time to time you may also need professional cleaning. Visiting the dentist once every six months helps in having a vigil on the general dental health.