Top 10 Weight Loss And Fitness Myths

Fitness MythsPeople contemplating to lose weight face so many untrue myths; they waste their time chasing after an elusive solution to their problems. It is important to understand that some of the myths do not work.

Even if they do, they will leave your body in a weak state. Therefore, understanding what is best and what is not will play a big role in the rate at which you shed off that weight.

Myth one:

The number one myth most people fall victim to is this: “Machines help burn calories more than any other form of exercise.” In reality, the amount of calories you burn daily depends largely on your activity and the effort that you put into them. You don’t need machines to burn calories because other forms of exercises end up burning calories as well.

Myth two:

Others claim that training using free weights is more effective compared to using machines. The fact is that it does not matter what you use, provided that you achieve your weight, tone your muscles and get general fitness. Choose what you feel comfortable using.

Myth three:

“when you do activities or exercise with low intensity, you get to the fat burning zone which is very good for weight loss.” Reality check:  The body burns carbohydrates and uses fats to fuel. Therefore, the presence or absence of the burning zone does not matter at the least. What matters most is how many calories you burn by exercising.

Myth four:

There is also a belief that you only need to exercise 30 minutes for three times a week to be on the way to weight loss. This kind of exercises will fetch you nothing at the end. You should know that daily exercise is needed to be learner and healthier.

Myth five:

There are those who claim that in order to lose weight in a particular part of the body, one must perform exercises that utilize that part. Truth be told, by doing this, you end up strengthening the muscles on that part, not remove the fats there. Concentrate on losing weight of your entire body.

Myth six:

Others say that it is impossible to lose weight, when in reality, all you have to do is to keep persevering – results may not be immediate.

Myth seven:

The seventh myth happens to be that weight training slows down fat loss and therefore should be avoided until the later stages. In reality, weight training is crucial in increasing the metabolic rate, burning of calories and toning of muscles.

Myth eight:

It is also a lie that you should exercise with an empty stomach. This practice does not have any effect on losing weight. It actually decreases your energy level.

Myth nine:

The ninth myth is that weight training should come before aerobics in order to burn more fats. Actually, the opposite is best, because at that time the muscles can hardly get injured; they are too supple and warm.

Myth ten:

Last but not least, jogging a mile is not any better than walking a mile. The results are the same- you just cover the distance in a shorter period of time when you jog instead of walk.