Top 7 Weight Loss Plans

There are many weight loss programs that are popular and many will attest to their effectiveness. But each program may have a different effect on different people as not all persons are the same; hence it is important to choose one that is really appropriate for you.

Consider the 7 weight loss programs listed below that may assist in your quest to lose some pounds.

Diet through fluids

Fluids are essential to our bodies; many go for a fluid or liquid diet, which is quite versatile. You can opt for half liquid or full liquid diets which usually get rid of excess toxins, wastes and fats from your body over a long period of consumption.

Diet of Raw Foods

A diet comprising raw food is another way to supply your body with the necessary nutrients through uncooked or unprocessed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seaweed, sprouts and juices since processed and cooked foods normally destroy the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for our bodies to maintain a healthy life.

Natural ingredient Pills

There are some weight loss pills made of natural ingredients as compared to synthetic pills which are not beneficial to the body. Hence, it is better to take the natural ingredient weight loss pills for extra benefits, such as lower stress and higher energy and confidence levels; and the best thing about these natural herbal pills for losing weight is that there are no side effects.


Fasting is one of the fastest ways to shed off unwanted weight, as it allows the body’s digestive tract time to rest as it toughens the mucosal lining, which functions to prevent any possible leakage of any proteins that have been partially digested into the bloodstream. Preventing protein leakage actually enhances your body’s immune system. Fasting also increases your level of consciousness and energy as well, as providing a higher level of spirituality. Fasting can help to cleanse, rejuvenate and regenerate your body.


Walking is one of the simplest ways to get rid of your unwanted pounds while maintaining good health and overall fitness. It helps to control your weight, as the process increases your metabolism to burn calories. Walking just 3 miles a day will keep your metabolism up for as long as 10 hours every day.

Diet with low fat

Lowering your fats from the types of food you take in will reduce your calorie count. That is the essence of a diet on low fats. Choose a calorie count that is appropriate to your weight and according to how much weight you intend to lose. A low fat diet includes more vegetables, lean meat and fruits without the fatty or fried foods.

Detox Diets

These can cleanse your body of toxins that hang around to add on the weight. A detox diet includes organic fruits and vegetables in an attempt to lower the amount of chemicals going into your body. Including foods that are high in fiber to maintain good bowel movements while drinking lots of water will cleanse your kidneys and liver.