Top Reasons To Have Cardio In Every Workout Regimen

Cardio training is a type of training which includes a mixture of high and low intensity training together in a particular training schedule. Cardio gives an individual to get familiar with the stress and strain of strength workouts.

The bridge between high and strenuous training and low intensity ones is a perfect match to make the body used to high strain exercising regimes. The body also gets the perfect time out to have a recovery from the high and tensile strong intensity routines.

Have you ever known of the “steady state” exercising regimes? Well, it is a kind of workout pattern where the training intensity is low but continues for a longer span. Cardio is referred to as “active recovery”, since it concentrates over a shorter span and also provides the ample time for the body to recover.

Cardio workouts are excellent for aerobic fitness and fat burning process. But there are various other reasons as to why you must include a cardio type workout in your routine. Let’s have a look.

Cardio Burns Calorie Post Exercise

You will notice that during the intervals the maximum energy is consumed and this calorie burned is not a very small amount. So, you can assess that cardio can be the best fat burning training idea.

After such an intense form of exercise, the body needs to repair the muscles, replace the energy centers and restore the body state to a steady and normal form.

Since this is a very long process, you will therefore constantly keep on losing energy for a long time. Researchers have proved the fact that cardio exercises are very effective in draining fat from your body since they raise your metabolism for the next few hours after workout.

Improve The Vital Systems In Your Body

Cardio exercise is very effective for some of most important parts of your body. Your blood vessels, cardiovascular system, nervous system and the respiratory system are highly blessed by cardio exercises. This helps in burning fat and carbs from the body in a larger amount while meeting the demand s of the excess energy loss.

Enzymatic Activity Personified

Enzymes involved in fat burning have a particular work rate. This work rate is intensified by the actions of a cardio exercising regime. Researches show that after a heavy training with high intensity, the body raises the level of fat in the blood. Free fatty acids signify the presence of more fat in the body bloodstream at this point of time. This excessive fat increases the energy production.

Circulating Growth Hormone

Researchers believe that cardio exercises are the number one source of increasing the circulating growth hormones in your body. This hormone acts excellently in producing lean mass or muscle growth and reduction of the excess fat as well.

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Steady state or strength exercises can never reach such a target. This can be very effective for you if you are planning to get rid of the excess fat and keep a toned and muscular body.

Cardio Acts As A Double Bonus

Cardio exercises always use two types of muscle fibers, aerobic and anaerobic. This is unlike steady state exercise which uses only one type of fiber. By increasing both the types of muscles in your body, you will be more susceptible to tolerating heavy strength exercises. Your exercises will reach a different level of strain and therefore you will be able to lose more fat in this process.

Lose Fat Even More

The high intensity exercises and maximized use of body muscles through the type 2 anaerobic exercises, the body increases a great deal of glycogen level for itself.

The stored glycogen when used up results in the loss of fat since the fat is the only source of energy when the glycogen or carbohydrate is totally used up. So, gear up! Lose more and more glycogen during your work outs and you will be able to lose more fat.

“Lifting Workout”, The Best Cardio Partner

One of the best ways to execute cardio exercises is during the initial stages of a lifting workout. A ten minute prelude of cardio exercises before this lifting session can produce the best results for you. This prelude must be very casual.

Do not engage into an intense program. Just a ten minutes jogging can be enough to pump up your heart and increase the fat burning capacity of your strength training.

Love Your “Cardio Sandwiches”

Take your fat reduction to the next level of increment. This is not a diet plan or something you need to eat. So, do not misjudge the concept. The idea is to give the body a steady start and a steady stop too.

Plan a short cardio before and after your strength training schedules. You must keep in mind; this technique too does not require heavy pressure. Jogging is a good option.

Cardio sandwiching can be very strenuous jobs, so do not mistake this concept and try to pressurize your body to take more of this. This can be fatal. Cardio sandwiches must not be attempted more than twice a week.

One Must Be “Steady State”

The cardio you perform must be strictly consisting of two parts. One is a light weight typed, which include exercises like jogging or free hand and the other is super high intensity trainings which are generally called the S.H.I.I.T. these sessions are marvelous because they turn out to be very effective when it comes to losing fat.

Tons of weight can be lost by S.H.I.I.T. sessions. These sessions are very less time consuming and they are robust, because the training patterns can be implemented anywhere anytime.

Low intensity sessions in cardio training are the most commonly used cardio practices that are suggested by professionals. Low intensity cardio are always better and produce better results.

The main reason behind this is that such sessions always aim at your body fat first. The body uses up too up energy because of the unique pattern of this exercise, which helps in burning down more fat. Cardio can be very effective but can work adversely if not undertaken properly.

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