Top Tips To Increase Your Biceps

The biceps shape your upper body and are instrumental target-spots when toning the body. A body-builder’s physique looks good on the billboards, and with a prescribed regimen you can develop your muscles while nourishing the entire body without appearing a caricature in public circles.

Toned biceps have the immediate advantage of making you more physically appealing to the opposite sex. The first impression in many ways is the best impression you can make. To help you along the road to biceps building, here are a few training bytes to put into practice.

Pump It

The local gym or a home-furnished one is your school in the muscle building drill. Doing the routine with the right set of repetitions and maintaining pace works better and quicker than kidding around with the gym equipment. Exercise is the key to getting your biceps used to looking good and fit. Lifting weights and curls focus on the biceps and triceps and the pectorals.

Barbell Curls

For beginners, choose a weight that you can lift with sufficient ease while applying strain on the biceps. Legs shoulder width apart, swing the barbell keeping your upper arms firmly by your side. Lower it slowly to your thighs, hold and raise it back.

Don’t hang your arms down; maintain tension in the biceps and triceps. Two sets of 12-15 reps at a time are sufficient, done slowly, with a minute’s rest between sets. When you get used to the weight, add some to maximize the work-out. Increase the number of sets gradually.

Triceps Dips

You need strong triceps to pull your biceps into the perfect curl. Pull up a chair and sit on your feet, extended, not facing the chair. Rest your hands on the seat and lower or ‘dip’ yourself to the ground till you feel the stretch.  A set comprises of 10-12 reps.

Concentration Curls

These provide increased resistance to the biceps. The muscle grows to overcome the resistance, thus making peaked biceps. It also flexes the brachialis, a large muscle that appears anteriorly along the humerus, the upper arm long bone. Together, the biceps and the brachialis give the much coveted hill shape to the upper arms.

Dumbbell Preacher Curls:

This exercise works the biceps without jerking the torso, thus stabilizing the muscle groups and concentrating on the biceps. Sit on a bench and immobilize your torso by resting it on a support and lift the weight.

Go Natural

If you’ve toyed with the idea of using steroids as the sole jump-start to big biceps, you’ve got it wrong. They are of great use when taken in the prescribed quantity and the specific times to enhance performance.

Hormonal imbalance, sterility, liver damage, cholesterol profile changes and stunted height are a few of the side-effects you must keep yourself informed about.

Nutrition and Supplements

Biceps need protein to grow, so a safe protein supplement is necessary to the enlargement process.The commonly used supplements are given, with an overview of the action of each. Creatine is taken to replenish the creatine phosphate levels of the body, which get depleted during intense resistance training.

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It allows you to continue working out with added weights without undue fatigue. It regenerates the energy reserve of the body, adenosine tri phosphate (ATP). Intake levels at 3-10 g per day according to the type of supplement you’re using. Protein supplements in the form of powders build body mass.

Whey protein is by far the most popular one as it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore responds faster.  A protein shake in the mornings or after a workout session is advisable, but don’t substitute all solid food matter with it.

Glutamine supplements increase the endurance of the body. You take them to improve the wear-and-tear capacity of your joints and muscles. Take in the morning, after workouts and before going to bed to let the muscle regenerate and gain mass.

Nitric Oxide Pre Work Out Supplement:

NO is produced in the body during the catabolism of arginine, an amino acid. It controls the blood circulation in the body, thereby effectively providing the necessary oxygen supply with the organic nutrients during intense aerobic training. It should be taken a good 30 minutes before your session commences.

Rest Is Important

To allow your muscles to grow, sufficient rest period should be given to your biceps. Driving them sore won’t enhance muscle mass and might force you into giving up the regime altogether.

The weights you use shouldn’t exceed your lifting capacity. In particular workouts, where assistance is necessary or you’re required to exercise till positive failure, manage the weight safely. The biceps are capable of growing to their maximum size only if you exercise moderation in stretching them.

An intense workout twice a week is recommended for beginners. Muscle tear due to overstrain is common, and hampers your progress. If you hit a training plateau, wherein you don’t notice any gains in spite of regular exercise, then it’s time to give the biceps a different approach on the workout. Change the regime days and adopt a new set of exercises. Your biceps fully train themselves to elongate and gain mass.

Maintain perfect form during the exercises to allow the biceps to stretch and flex to their capacity. This is very important to see any noticeable positive changes in the expected time span.

Performing compound exercises helps in toning the entire body. Isolation training gives quick results but again, the form and the supplements should be given some thought and care.

Biceps injuries are common, but can be avoided with a little extra attention to the area. Don’t plunge into pro exercises and warm up well before starting your routine.

Give your biceps time to stabilize and you should at all events, rest between sets and routines to allow the biceps to grow. Drink plenty of water and listen to the signals your biceps give.

Biceps can be built at any age but consider your physical limitations and the dedication you’re prepared to give your regime before undertaking any DIY or supervised training program. Big biceps are a man’s pride, take care of them, and continue with maintenance exercises once you develop the muscles safely.

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