Train Your Thighs

For many people thighs are a problem area; they tend to accumulate a lot of fat there. A few tips to tone your thighs have been explained below.

Hill walking or hiking is an excellent workout for toning your thighs. Spot jogging and running are also excellent for your legs. Try running on the steps or exercising on the stepper. You can also try biking, which tones your legs really well. Jump ropes are great for your thighs. Since all these are cardio workouts, you will also exercise your entire body and burn calories.

Many people need to tone their hamstrings considerably. Hamstring’s is the area beginning from your hips and extending to your knees on the backside of your legs. Leg curls are great for strengthening the muscles of your hamstrings. It can be done using equipment at a gym or at home using exercise bands or ankle weights. First, lie down on your stomach.

Extend your legs straight, only with a slight bend at the knee. Your toes should be pointing towards the ground. If you are using gym equipment, you can hook your heels under a bar, which will make exercising a lot easier.  Now raise your legs above the ground till they are parallel to it. Lower your legs slowly to the initial position. Make sure that you are using your legs while doing this exercise and not your back muscles.

Your inner thigh muscles are often neglected; and this simple exercise will help tremendously to tone them. You will be required to sit up straight in a chair. Next, keep a rolled towel and a small medicine ball between your thighs. Now press your knees together; i.e. towards each other, as hard as possible. Hold it there for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release.

Stretching your thigh muscles adequately is also very important. This stretch also makes your thigh muscles considerably stronger. Sit down with your back held straight up and bring both the legs as possible to your groin.

Your legs should be close to each other and bent at the knee with your feet close together. This will give a frog like posture. Now exhale and bend to take your head as close as possible to the ground. Hold it there for about 20 seconds, then come up. This is popularly known as the frog stretch.