Training In Martial Arts Demands Bodybuilding

Martial art is a term used to describe a codified conduct and practice of combat usually as a mode of self-defence. It can also be used for physical training and well-being and fitness, and even as a method of mental development. Since it involves physical strength as evident, body building comes into direct light.

Many of the ancient moves in martial art require strength. Body building can turn out to be of some advantage here. Anyone who aspires to learn or specialise in martial arts must pursue a good body building regime too.

The Advantage Of Practicing Them Together:

If one trains themselves in martial art and bodybuilding the first advantage they can get is of agility. A well-built body shall promote agility and will make the moves of the martial art more nimble.Secondly, strength comes as another advantage. A muscular body shall help make your kicks and punches much stronger.

Less body fat makes the moves much impactful and strong.Thirdly, flexibility comes as a major advantage if one pursues martial arts and body building together. With less body fat the moves are much easily executed. Moreover, a flexible body shall make you excel in martial arts more easily as one can easily experiment with a wider range of moves.

Advantages Of Bodybuilding With Respect To Martial Arts:

The major advantage of body building in general is the fact that one can shape their body according to their will. This means that if one wants to pursue martial arts they can tone their body accordingly. Losing body fat according to the need is something that body building can help.

Even if one needs to put a few extra pounds to have a better shape for martial arts, body building can help. However, the fact does not change that a well-built body may restrict the pursuit of martial art. The two of them together can prove to be hard on the joints.

But a fitness regime, the kind required for body building, may help any beginner in martial arts.As a matter of fact, a body builder follows a decent diet too. This may well prove to be an advantage for a person interested in martial arts.

A well balanced diet is a prerequisite for any pursuit pertaining to health and fitness. So a martial artist can reap the benefits too in this regard.Body building results in better aerobic conditions. A person can more energetically pursue martial arts if he has a better aerobic condition.

Advantages of Bodybuilding In Various Forms Of Martial Arts:

Flexibility is a prime requirement in taekwondo. A flexible body can be rendered by a well-designed body building regime. It also requires low body fat for practise.

Here too, body building can help reduce that extra fat that may stop you from pursuing taekwondo in full spirit.In case if judo, aerobic endurance is of high requirement. In this case body building can help.

It not only helps achieving a better aerobic condition but can also improve the cardio activity. It may also help build that extra stamina in the upper body portion that is required for a good level of judo training.

However, it must be noted that not all kinds of body building exercises are suitable for martial arts. Care must be taken while pursuing a regime.

The Extra Impact Of Muscular Power:

Martial arts are widely believed to be a monopoly of people with a lean physique. However, one overlooks the fact that an added muscular power shall only add to the momentum of any attach involved. For instance a well-built muscular person shall have a more powerful and impactful kick or a punch that a leaner one.

The body weight here, shall add a momentum to the attack, thereby making it all the more powerful.Most people believe that biceps discourage the thrust of a punch as they obstruct the thrust by pulling the fist back.  However, it should be noted that martial arts involve a great deal of defence mechanism.

A stronger bicep is less likely to be caught by the opponent and in fact can more easily be jerked free. Moreover, they can be of great advantage in various moves. One of them is the headlock, which can give you an added time of at least thirty seconds in a combat.

Points To Remember:

Paying heed to the importance if muscular power, one must not forget to give an equal weightage to needs to increase the range of their body movements in order to attain the required flexibility for martial arts. One can carry out resistance exercises in order to achieve both flexibility and muscular strength.

For instance, one can practice the punches in deep waters. Another way is to practice these punches while gripping a resistance band in the fist. One can have a great muscular built as well as flexibility if proper practice is carried out for the same.


There is no way by which one can decide if body building is altogether harmful for martial arts. The only disadvantage is that joints can be adversely affected if both are carried out together. Other than that, if careful designing of one’s regime is done then, body builder can immensely help your pursuit of exceling martial arts.

A well-built body shall provide you with additional momentum in each of you attack it shall also provide you better cardio endurance and can render you with improved aerobic conditions. Certain forms of martial arts require a well-built upper body portion.

Body building can help you with that. Apart from all this, body building can easily help you cut down the additional body fat that might hinder you in attaining that perfectly flexible body. Body building can also help you in putting on that extra mass that shall help you become a better martial artist of a certain category.

Judo is one such martial art.With proper diet and adequate amount of practise, one can easily be a muscular person and a well-trained martial artist without sacrificing on the flexibility and agility required for martial arts.