Turbulence Training Secrets

Looking good and being fit is on everyone’s mind all the time. A fit body does not just make the person look good but its benefits are manifold. There are many programs that help you lose weight and get in shape. There are a number of diets to help you with the same as well.

There is one that is frequently talked about these days and that is turbulence training. This goes right against the traditional method of low intensity workouts for long durations to lose weight.

Turbulence training is a method that helps one build muscle to fight fat. Short bursts of high intensity exercises not only helps build muscle but also increases the metabolic rate to a great extent so your body burns fat even when the work out is done.

What Is Turbulence Training?

Craig Ballantyne, a very famous fitness trainer, created Turbulence training. In his book, Craig Ballantyne suggests that building muscle is a great way of burning fat as the body’s metabolic rate will be much higher because it is producing the muscle even after the work out.

How Does It Work?

Turbulence training includes short burst workouts of resistance training using gym equipment or free weights and forceful intermittent bursts of running and cycling in between slow jogging and cycling. These short bursts force the body to produce muscle and increase metabolic activity instantly.

The workout consists of 45-minute sessions, thrice a week. Another important reason why turbulence training works is that there are so many workouts to choose from. This way there is no monotony and the body is pushed every now and then with a new workout.

If you repeat same work out in a regular routine, your body gradually gets accustomed to it and it will no longer be as effective. The secret of turbulence training lies in the fact that you can mix it up and push your body a little more.


During the exercise regimes you must also be aware of what you eat. Going for a short walk immediately after taking your food would help in keeping the metabolic activity steady. There will not be any plateaus anywhere.

During these exercises, it is important to cut down on high sugar concentrated drinks and juices.Alcohol with cola is also not a good option because of the sugar content.

Bad fat must also be replaced by good fats that the body actually needs. Whole nuts are an excellent source of good fats and walnuts and almonds are top of the list along with omega 3 fatty acids.

Turbulence training includes sudden short bursts of exercise like a sprint in between a walk.This high intensity workout is found to be more effective than longer lower intensity workouts.

The resistance training, which is an integral part of turbulence, also helps build muscle, thus increasing the amount of calories that are being burnt. Turbulence training is fast becoming one of the most preferred forms of exercise to lose fat effectively and fast.

Photo Credit: turbulencetrainingworld.com