Two Powerful Yoga And Diet To Gain Body Weight

When, on one hand, more and more people want to get slim and trim, there are other sections of people too, who want to gain weight. These people are so skinny and boney that their appearances become an embarrassment to themselves in front of their friends. The trend to gain weight is more among men than women.

None of the guys wish to be called ‘paper thin’. They want to be macho, with a well built body. But, there are times when, no food intake, no workouts, work effectively, in making men or women gain weight. In such situations, the sufferers start taking hormonal drugs and treatments to gain mass immediately and in an easier way.

These drugs do show quick results. But they also bring along with them several health crises. There are even severe cases when extreme levels of hormonal and steroidal treatments on individuals have resulted in health hazards, as fatal as cancer, heart attacks, other fatal diseases and death.

So, the most beneficial, safe and natural way to gain weight is by means of exercises. These are of several forms like, workouts, free hand exercises, as well as yoga techniques, which help in the gaining of body mass. But, those of you who are really thin and are serious about doing anything to gain weight must realize that, yoga is a treatment.

So you must follow it in a serious and regimented manner and in the way as it is recommended. Moreover, it is not a magic or a steroid that will show instant results. It is a natural method that will take its time to show effects but will not be damaging to your health in the longer run. It will be a permanent solution from your distress. A serious practitioner is sure to get the desired results.

This article will give a detailed description of the specially recommended yoga that you must do and the specific techniques as well as the schedules you must follow to get the benefits.

Yoga Recommended For The Early Morning Schedule

The yoga described below, is to be done regularly, early in the morning, if you want to gain weight. For this, you must have your bowel cleared beforehand. Change your clothing to loosely fitted cotton garments with proper underwear. Start your exercises on an empty stomach. You can have a glass of lukewarm water before you start, for the exercises to work more effectively.

Yoga Exercise no. 1

The yoga posture we are about to learn is called ‘Viparitkarani mudra’. It is an upside down posture.

Methodology of the posture

Lie down on your back, on a flat ground. Keep your shoulder straight and fixed on to the ground. Your hands must lie on either side of your body, in a relaxed position. Your legs must stretch out of your body. Look straight upwards, as you lie down and keep your spine straight.

When you start with the yoga, join our legs together. Bend your hands till your elbow and grasp your waist from either side, with both of your hands. Support yourself with your hands.

Gradually lift your legs upwards, simultaneously, raising your body till a bit below your bust line, from the ground. Thus, during this time, your hand will be your chief support and your legs and hips will be raised up from the ground. Fix your eyes on to the raised up feet of yours.

Hold on to this position for about 10 to 15 seconds, while breathing normally. Release slowly. After that take a few minutes of rest. Repeat the exercise, five times in the morning, in the similar method, to get the results.

Yoga Recommended For The Evening Schedule

In the evening you are instructed to do some yoga postures that help in gaining body mass. Always remember that you have taken at least half an hour of complete rest before you start exercising. Moreover, the place you select for doing yoga, is also peaceful and there are no chances that you might get disturbed. You should have taken your meal or any form of food at least two to three hours before you do the exercises.

Yoga Exercise no. 2

This yoga posture is known as ‘Matsyasana’. It is extremely beneficial for the strengthening of the spinal cord too, along with weight gaining.

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Methodology of the posture

Lie down flat on an even ground. Look straight and keep your spinal cord and shoulder erect. Place your hands in a relaxed way, on either side of your body. Keep your legs firm and stretched out of your body.

When you start with the yoga posture, fold your legs and bring your feet closer to your body. You knees must lie on either side of your body and touch the ground. Your legs must be in such a position that your left leg must rest over your right leg.

Gradually raise your chest from the ground, keeping your head to the ground. Raise your chest as much as you can. During this time only the tip of your head must touch the ground. Look straight. Keep your hands, now, in such a manner that your elbows touch the ground on either side of your body and your palms hold on to the feet on the corresponding sides.

Hold on to this posture for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release again, to get back to your starting posture. Take rest for about ten seconds and then repeat the whole process again for at least four times, in total, to get your desired effects.

Diet That Helps In Gaining Weight

Ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet every day. You must have all the seasonal fruits and vegetables in the adequate quantity, daily. Do not over eat, but increase your intake of food, gradually, over a number of days. Emphasize more on healthy fats and carbohydrate rich food.

Do not misunderstand this for junk food. Drink lots of water to keep your system clean and detoxified and include an assortment of nuts in your in-between meals. That will energize you, increase your body weight but will not lead to uneven fat deposit in your body and obesity.

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