Types Of Stress

Stress causes several harms to your body and health. It weakens your immune system and creates a lot of health problems. There are different kinds of stress. Here we are going to talk about different types of stress.Stress is mainly divided into two categories such as negative and positive stress.

It is the negative stress which causes various diseases and health problems. Positive stress works as a catalyst to do your jobs more effectively and face the challenges of your life. It also prepares your mind to find solution to your problems. Due to positive stress, you are able to face threatening situations and find solutions to difficult circumstances.

Stress is again divided in four categories such as eustress, distress, hyper-stress and hypo-stress.

Eustress is known as good stress. Very few people know about good stress because whenever stress is discussed, it is discussed about bad stress only. Eustress inspires you to perform well in your activities. As a student if you don’t be in little stress about your exams you will not study hard for good result. Sportspersons do their best at their last moment to win the game due to this good stress. However, if you cross the boundary line of good stress you will enter into the area of bad stress and harm yourself.

Distress is known as negative stress. It comes as a result of some bad events such as accidents, death of beloved ones, break up in love etc. If you don’t treat distress and anxiety it can turn into depression. Distress is further divided into two categories such as acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress remains for short period and is caused by trauma like rape, murder attempt, natural calamities etc. Chronic stress lasts for longer period and arises due to major health problems. Chronic stress is very harmful to health and can become fatal too.

People face hyper-stress who is over burdened with responsibilities or who are given jobs beyond their limit. If salespersons are given unachievable target they would suffer from hyper-stress.

Hypo-stress is just opposite to hyper-stress. Such kind of stress occurs in people who are underestimated and not given any responsibilities or very less job. Such people get bored to do their job and suffer from hypo-stress.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.