Upper And Lower Abdominal Workouts

Upper And Lower Abdominal WorkoutsTo have a set of six-pack abs (eight is welcomed) is the new muse of the generation. Be it a film star, rock star or just an ordinary citizen; a highly toned and carved abdominal region is very much wanted.

However, some people tend to avoid some exercises, which works upon this region because, it takes quite a bit of time to build this region.

Few Simple Exercises To Work On The Upper And Lower Abdominal Muscles

Leg Raises

This is one heck of an exercise to work on the lower abdominal muscles. Lie down on your back, with the legs stretched out and the hands by your side, palms facing down. Now slowly lift the legs in unison.

Lift to the highest point that you can and then start bringing the legs down. Bring the legs to a level where they are about a couple of inches above the ground. Pause for about 3-5 seconds here and then slowly keep the legs down. Repeat 8-10 times and a set of 3.

V-sit Abs Exercise

The V-sit exercise works the oblique muscles and the hip flexors but mainly on the upper abs. To perform a V-sit, raise the legs to a 45-degree angle. Reach with the arms to touch your feet and thus raise your torso off the floor.

This is a static exercise and requires balance. Hold this V position until the abdominal muscles are exhausted and you can’t hold the form anymore. Try to increase the time as you improve.

Crunches On Stability Ball

The stability ball crunch offers no large movement but can be very effective. Lie with your back on the ball, extend your feet and place them firmly on the ground. Now try leaning back to the point when the upper body is parallel to the ground.

Your hands may take any place you want from the list of keeping them at the back of your head, cupping your ears, on your chest or extended behind your head. Perform the crunch and raise the torso upwards. Focus your eyes on ceiling and avoid straining the neck. Exhale and contract the abs at the top of each repetition.

Hanging Knee Raises

The hanging knee raise targets the upper abs. Either you need monkey bars, a pull-up bar, or something like these. Hang from the bar and slightly bend your legs. Without using momentum, crunch the abs and bring the knees to the chest.

Try not to swing and to keep the abdominal muscles contracted throughout the entire movement. If you want to kick it up a notch straighten the legs and try to raise them till the point where they are parallel with the ground.

Abdominal exercises also concern the backside of a person. So if you are having difficulty and experiencing pain in your back, stop performing the exercises.

The backside matter is not to be taken lightly. You may also try to modify the exercises so that it eases your back. If the pain remains, consult a doctor or a physician.