Useful Workout For Your Lower Abs

Useful Workout For Your Lower AbsThe set of muscles in the lower portion of the abdomen is called rectus muscles. These are normally a little challenging to bring under control. Though it requires only a simple set of exercises to keep these rectal muscles in control, they have to be done with commitment on a daily basis. These not only work on the lower abs but also help to build the auxiliary muscles.

Here Are Some Workout For Your Lower Abs

Rolling And Holding Legs

These are done lying on the floor.Your back must be as flat as possible.Now, bring your legs up together and hold it when it comes to 45 degrees. Hold there for 30 seconds to 1 minute and slowly bring down.

The second step is, bring your legs together to 45 degree and hold. Now, still holding your legs together, gently start rotating your legs by bringing towards you and away from you so that they make a small circle.

The legs must be in control around the 45 degrees without lowering the legs too much, as this will really work on the lower abdomen. You can in fact feel pull in the lower muscles.

Scissors Of Leg

Lie down flat on the floor with your back flat on the ground. Pull up your ab muscles. If required, place your both hands under your buttocks for a support of your back.This would give a balance.Now, slowly raise both your legs holding them together to 90 degrees.

Once they reach 90 degrees, start parting your legs away from each other in V shape as much as you can. Every move must be steady and slow.Then bring them together with your right foot crossing the left foot.

Workout For Your Lower Abs

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Again, spread them wide into V shape and bring together but this time,left foot crossing the right foot. The action is like that of a scissor. Repeat as many as 10 times to 30 times based on your comfort level.

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Resisting Sides

This exercise helps to work out on the lower abs as well as lower oblique.Lie flat on the ground with flat back. Expand both your hands up to 90 degrees on the floor to your shoulder level.

Rest your palms on the floor. Lift up both your legs together to 90 degrees. Lower both your legs together towards your left side as much as you can without bending your knees. Remember that you must bring down your legs without lifting your palms off the ground.

Stop in your comfortable limits. If you are able to touch the ground gently, then do it. Slowly bring your legs back to 90 degree.Repeat the same process for the right side of your body. Ensure that you do not turn your body during the process.

Knee Lifting Exercise

This is a hanging exercise.Hang yourself in a ‘Pie’ bar with both your triceps and bring both your legs up together to 90 degrees slowly. Go back to the straight position. Repeat 20 to 30 sets.A regular exercise with full intention would sure bring you the best results!

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