Useful Yogas To Increase Height

Useful Yogas To Increase HeightYoga is a powerful tool of gaining control over one’s body, curing certain ailments and can even help in increasing one’s height. Yoga exercises strengthen the body in various ways and are often a staple part of a fitness regimen.

These exercises improve the blood circulation in our bodies which in turn boosts the metabolic rate of the body and thus helps in making the internal mechanism body efficient.

Yoga exercises have immense value and have been performed since ancient times to improve the well being of the human body. An important and beneficial aspect of yoga exercises is that they can be performed by people of all ages and do not require the help of a guide or an instructor.

It is a convenient yet effective way to increase height. By targeting the spinal column of the body, different yoga exercises strengthen it. The yoga postures help in straightening and increasing the flexibility of the torso and regular practice helps to increase height.

Yoga is a process that helps in the distribution of energy throughout the body helping the body to ease and relax. Yoga exercises directly affect the posture of a person and contribute to the increase in height.

Yoga exercises concentrate on breathing practices and body movements which help to increase height. These exercises contribute to the lengthening and thickening of the cartilages in the body making them longer. Hence different yoga postures help to increase the overall height of the body gradually.

By practicing the right posture, they not only help in improving the flexibility of the body but lengthen the spins by a few inches helping one to increase height. This article will elaborate on the ways in which certain yoga exercises can help to increase height.

Yoga exercise that help to increase height


The first exercise is the Sukhasana which is a central yoga position from which all other postures are derived. The sukhasana helps in toning the lower back region of the body and the hips by breathing exercises while you sit upright in a cross legged position the hands placed on each knee.

It is performed by taking in deep breaths while raising the arms up over the head and exhaling while brining the arms down back on the knees.  The process needs to be repeated at least seven times. The deep and even breathing of the sukhasana exercise helps to keep the spine aligned in a perfectly straight position.


A modified form of the sukhasana is the trikonasana also called the triangle. It is performed by standing up with the legs about three to four feet apart. The left foot is then rotated about 90 degrees to the left while the right foot is is kept 45 degrees inward. The torso and the arms are then moved once towards each leg and touched at the toes while inhaling and exhaling.

It is an advanced form of the sukhasana and is repeated a few times. The trikonasana contributes to the improvement of the balance of one’s body and helps in improving the posture as well. The trikonasana also helps to relieve a person from stress. The stretching of the spine that is involved in the performance of the trikonasana helps to increase height.

Dog and cat movement

A third yoga exercise is what is called the dog and cat movement. This exercise is popular because it helps to stretch the spine fully in two different directions contributing to increase in height. This exercise is performed by getting done on the hands and knees in a crawling position with the knees and the hips wide apart.

While raising the head up and curving the spine upwards, one is supposed to inhale. While exhaling, the spine is curved downwards or in the reverse order. This cycle is repeated many times gently. This exercise extends the cartilage disc in the spinal column and increases the flexibility of the body while also helping in the increase of height.

Leg stretching

A fourth exercise to increase height involves stretching the left foot towards the right and the right foot towards the left while lying down. This also enhances the movement of the cartilage disc in the spine and thus extends the cartilage disc increasing the height by a few inches. It is a very effective exercise to increase height.

There are several exercises which help to increase height involving leg stretching exercises. The precise form of the exercises can be learnt from a guide and then performed individually at one’s own time.

Another significant exercise to increase height is performed by lying down on one’s chest and stomach and keeping the arms by one’s side. Then one is supposed to slowly bend the legs upwards from the knees while keeping the thigh on the ground.

By bringing the arms backwards towards the raised legs, one is supposed to try and hold the legs. This is known as the bow posture. Then the body is relaxed slowly and the process is repeated a few times. The surya namaskar is another yoga exercise that stretches the cartilage and the spinal column of the body.

Some simple and basic exercises such as stretching and toe touch exercises are also helpful to increase height. All stretching exercises involve the stretching of the spine while extends and expands the cartilage disc on the spine. This expansion and extension causes the cartilage to lengthen and thus helps in contributing to the increase in height.

Yoga helps in increasing the height of a person in three ways. Firstly, these exercises stretch the muscles and make them strong. Secondly yoga exercises help to lengthen the bone of the upper and lower limbs. And thirdly, yoga exercises help in increasing height due to the stretching compression of the cartilage in the spinal column of the human body.

While performing the yoga exercises one should remain relaxed and focused on the positions and the exercises should be performed while wearing loose clothing, and in a calm and quiet environment. These exercises mentioned above will help one to increase height.

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