Using Gym Equipments Effectively

Strength training has progressed from using dumbbells and barbells to sophisticated tailor made equipments. Instead of fitting weight plates onto a bar and lifting it, gym equipments make use of levers and handles to pull weights, making it safer to use.

When you enter a gym and see a maze of equipments, the first question that may occur to you is the method of using these machines. Many gyms don’t have enough staff to explain which machine is suitable for which part of the body and the technique of using them.

Gym equipments must be used in a specific way to produce the desired effect. You must choose the equipments in such a way that all important parts of the body are exercised. This ensures that the body remains proportionate and balanced.

For exercising the legs, use leg curl, leg extension, leg press, standing calf and leg abduction adduction machine. For the arms, use tricep extension, bicep curl and rowing machine. Shoulder press, pullover,  deltoid, chest press, lateral pulley and pectoral fly are the machines that you can use to work on the chest and shoulder muscles. To give a crunch to the abdomen, use leg raise chair, sit up bench and abdominal machines.

You must set a goal for yourself before you start using gym equipments. This will help you choose the correct exercise program. Equipments can help to gain or lose muscle and weight. They can also be used to for weight maintenance. Depending on your objective, you can make your own personal fitness course within a time frame.

Once you set the goal, you can decide the weight you need to use on each machine. Start with the maximum weight that you can lift comfortably for more than one repetition. Each weight is associated with a load factor. Load factor helps us to fix the weight that we must lift in order to achieve our target.

Generally a chart that gives the load factor for each weight is given in the gym. Once the working weight is fixed, the number of repetitions in weight lifting can be planned easily. For instance, increase the number of repetitions with a low working weight in case you want to lose fat from the body and maintain lean muscle.

Therefore, with proper guidance and knowledge you can get the best out of gym equipments.