Vegetables Good for Health

To look beautiful it is necessary to remain physically fit. One can stay fit only if he/she is healthy and sane. One can remain healthy if they consume natural food especially green vegetables and live close to nature. Let’s have a look at certain vegetables which are good for health and beauty, which people often ignore.

Bitter melon or Bitter gourd health benefits

It helps in fighting against cancer, lowers blood sugar level in diabetic patients. It is helpful in treating neuritis and prevents eye complications. It improves blood circulation and purifies blood. It is also helpful in treating psoriasis and also cures constipation. It is also fruitful in treating alcoholism and piles. It is also helpful in treating leukemia.

Tomato health benefits

It improves skin color and texture. It also helps in purification of blood. It is helpful in dissolving gall bladder stones and protects from cirrhosis. Tomato contains Vitamin E which prevents hemorrhages. Nicotinic acid present in tomato’s help in reducing blood cholesterol and lycopene fight cancer cells.

Carrot health benefits

It improves eyesight and the appearance of skin, nails, and hair. It helps in increasing the menstrual flow and enhances the quality of breast milk in woman. It also helps in regulating blood sugar level and lowers cholesterol level. It is also helpful in treating inflamed kidneys, gum disease, Alzheimers disease, blood poisoning, colitis. Beta-carotene in carrot prevents cancer and also increases immunity.

Radish health benefits

It’s beneficial for hair, nails, nerves, gums and teeth. It helps in stimulating appetite and helps in reducing weight. It also helps in treating tuberculosis, digestive and respiratory problems. It also relieves from running nose and constipation. It is extremely beneficial for improving eyesight.

Spinach health benefits

It helps in preventing atherosclerosis in which arteries get harden and thickened. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Spinach contains flavonoid which acts like anti-cancer agent. Calcium present in spinach strengthens bones. Spinach contains lutein which prevents cataract and other age related macular degeneration. The Vitamin A and C in spinach along with other folic acid, fiber, magnesium helps in controlling cancer, especially lung, colon, and breast cancers. It also helps in preventing heart diseases.