Very Important Wrestling Diet Tips

As compared to other athletes, wrestlers find it more difficult to prepare a balanced diet plan that should meet the nutritional challenges they usually have to face. Where other athletes focus mainly on strength, wrestlers have to focus on maintaining a proper weight also.

They must follow a diet plan that should help them keep their body weight in a particular bracket so that they can qualify to participate in their chosen weight class. But, at the same time, the diet plan must also be something that should keep their body strong.

Here Are Some Important Wrestling Diet Tips

High-Fiber Diet

When it comes to wrestling diet tips, foods rich in fiber play an important role, as they do not just provide essential nutrients to your body but they also help you keep your energy maintained throughout the training sessions or matches.

Eating a high-fiber cereal daily can be a very good strategy in this regard. Do not forget to check the nutrition details panel to make sure that the cereal you are eating is indeed rich in fiber.

Egg Whites

Egg whites carry special health benefits and they are very good for wrestlers. The white parts of eggs do not contain fat and they are very rich source for carbohydrates.

Egg Whites

Besides that, one egg white also contains approximately 3.5 grams of carbohydrates. Eating egg whites everyday will help your body feel full and energized for longer hours. You can eat either omelet or eat it boiled.


Whether it is training or matches, wrestlers lose a lot of fluid because they perspire a lot. Therefore, you must also keep yourself thoroughly hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, in particular, is very important – at least eight ounces per day, which generally means four bottled waters.

Fruit And Juice

When it comes to diet plan for wrestlers, vitamins A and C play a vital role. Fruits can be a good source for these vitamins. For example, you can eat melons and blueberries for Vitamin A and bananas and oranges for Vitamin C.

However, when it comes to drinking fruit juices, you must make sure that the juices do not contain added sugar. Many packaged fruit juices use additional sugars and additives. Therefore, you must first read the nutrition label on the package before you buy them.


Potatoes also carry tremendous health and fitness benefits for wrestlers. The best thing is that they come cheap and provide your body a rich quantity of complex carbohydrates. However, it is very important for you to make sure that the potatoes you are eating do not have butter or sour cream on it.

Do’s And Don’ts

You must also follow certain do’s and don’ts for maximum benefits out of your diet. For example, experts recommend wrestlers to eat smaller but more frequent meals. In general, you should have one small meal in every four hour.

Besides that, you must also eat slowly giving enough time to your body and the digestive system to register the food intake. Eating slowly also provides your body a higher sense of fullness.

If you are working on to lose your weight to qualify for a particular weight class, make sure you do not lose your weight rapidly. Likewise, you must cut back on trans-fat, but should not eliminate fat completely out of your diet.

Neyaz Akhtar