Walking- An Easiest Form of Exercise

Walking is a form of exercise which can be easily included in our busy schedules of life. Only thing it requires is a strong determination. It can be performed in various ways without making us realize the fact that we are actually exercising.

Other advantage is that, unlike other forms of exercise, it is not monotonous. It can be performed with lots of variations. Like, it can done in the nearby park, while climbing stairs, within the office premises in between the breaks, moving on the streets etc. Besides this, one can choose any convenient time depending upon our leisure time.

Women undergo various hormonal changes throughout her life cycle. This increases the chances of various health ailments. So, every woman needs those extra exercises to remain fit both physically and mentally.

By maintaining a regular walking regime,women can maintain a healthy weight and toned muscles.Walking increases the metabolic rate of the body and so this helps to cut out the extra stored fat in the body.In addition to this, leading healthy lifestyle along with regular walking, assures long lasting weight control.

While walking, lower part of the body is involved and this helps to tone the abdomen muscles and thus helps to attain flat belly. In case of pre – menopausal women ,chances of increasing weight increases. So,walking helps to maintain control over weight and prevent obesity.

Walking provides an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself. This in return helps to de-stress, improve concentration, improve clarity and focus. These healthy benefits along with weight reduction benefit, helps to control high blood pressure and decreases the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (high cholesterol).

Walking increases blood circulation in the body . It is a good form of breathing exercise and thus increases lungs efficiency.Thus ,walking improves cardiovascular fitness and  helps to keep healthy heart and blood vessels.So,walking lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Bone related diseases like osteoporosis , arthritis is more common in women .However walking; strengthens the bone,muscles and joints.Walking is weight bearing exercise where lower part of the body is involved.

This helps to improve the bone density and thus strengthens bone,relives back pain and decreases the probability of bone fractures.It has low impact and so do not strain the joints as well.

Walking improves metabolic rate of the body and this in return helps to improve the body ability to secrete and absorb natural sugar and thus helps to prevent and control diabetes.

Aging is an irreversible process which makes the body weak and prone to various ailments.However,walking improves the immune system and thus –

  • slow down the speed of aging
  • improve stamina and remain fit.
  • extends your life expectancy
  • decreases chances of colon and breast cancer

Raka Raghuvanshi